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    Lil Gotit Fulfills His Brother’s Dream In “Shut The Door”

    Young Thug may be incarcerated right now, but he’s managed to influence others even from behind bars. His protégé Lil Gotit certainly drew much inspiration from his music growing up. In fact, both Lil Gotit and his brother, Lil Keed, both learned plenty from their famous mentor. That knowledge soon turned into power as the brothers’ notoriety grew. It wasn’t long before the Atlanta rappers were on their way to success. However, tragedy struck when Lil Gotit lost his brother this year.

    The familial loss hurt tremendously, but it only fueled Lil Gotit to keep going. Fulfilling both him and his brother’s dream, the Zone 3 rapper continues to put out hit after hit songs, going harder than ever. Publications like Pitchfork, Complex and The FADER raved about the newcomer’s impressive discography.

    Recently, Lil Gotit dropped his newest single “Shut The Door” off his massively successful 2021 project The Cheater . With electrifying energy, Lil Gotit goes hard on the track for his brother.

    He Stays The Course

    Success was written in the stars for Atlanta brothers Lil Gotit and Lil Keed. With throngs of fans following them on social media and the streams raking up, the brothers had it in the bag. However, Lil Keed’s passing nearly derailed the brothers’ success story. Except, Lil Gotit didn’t give up on their dream and he stayed the course. The two continue to make great music, even in spirit.

    Lil Gotit’s “Shut The Door” even shows video footage of him and his brother, Lil Keed, laying down tracks in the studio booth. The Cheater rapper immortalizes his sibling, keeping his memory alive. Furthermore, the Atlanta rapper focuses on the good times he shared with his brother, rather than letting his “demons” take control. There’s no doubt that Lil Keed would’ve loved the song.

    Apart from song context, the beat and piano notes match the nature of the track. The rapper keeps the instrumentals simple, allowing his saccharine flows, melodic bars, and trademark muted to manic delivery stand out in the song. It’s clear the rapper wants listeners to hone on the messages of his song, rather than just the beats.

    Lil Gotit Never Fails To Entertain

    Lil Gotit
    via SoundCloud

    Despite his familial loss, the Atlanta rapper has plenty to be thankful for. He’s accomplished a lot since stepping onto the rap scene in 2017. Now the Atlanta rapper finds himself at the cusp of success and ready to show the world his true artistry. Unlike some artists, Lil Gotit keeps his material fresh and new. The Young Thug protégé often entertains audiences with his various personas featured in almost every project he releases. While his previous works presented him as the “Hood Boy”, “Top Chef” and “Superstar Creature”, he’s now adopted the persona as “The Cheater.” Furthermore, the rapper continues to push the envelope with each new track he drops. More importantly, he’s honoring his brother’s dying wish. Be sure to check out more music by Atlanta’s newest emcee Lil Gotit.

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