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    Lil Baby Passes Around $1 Million Dollar Win To His Friends

    Most people don’t win big at the Casino. Though, rapper Lil Baby made it clear that he’s a “golden goose” when it comes to gambling. Furthermore, the rapper is known for winning at the Casino every time. He even helped Drake win a card game or two. Recently, Lil Baby scored a $1 million dollar win at the Casino. Though, rather than keeping the money for himself, he passed it around to all his friends.

                     Lil Baby Always Wins Big At Casinos

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    When it comes to Lil Baby, he never looses at a card game. Not only does he know how to win money, though, he’s also great at investing it. On Sunday, the rapper was filmed winning $1 million during a single bet in a Las Vegas Casino. Furthermore, one of his 4PF associates revealed that Baby shared his winnings with 10 of his best buddies. Each of them received $10 grand.

    “This n****a really just hit 4 a milli. Wham win a milli on dice that boy nun nice. Then gave all the bros a 10…. Realist n***a Alive!” the associate wrote in their Instagram Stories. Clearly, Lil Baby likes to spoil his friends.

    He’s Not Showing Off, He Just Likes To Invest His Money


    Lil Baby may be one of the greatest friends on the planet. Not only is he filthy rich, but he has a generous heart. Not too many people would’ve shared money with their friends, or even family members.

    Though, Lil Baby didn’t just give the money away out of the kindness of his heart. Instead, he took to Twitter on Tuesday August 30th, to remind fans he’s making moves on smart investments, not bragging about his wealth. Clearly, Lil Baby is a savvy businessman.


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