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    Kobe Bryant Dies at 41

    Kobe Bryant Passes Away at 41

    ESPN has reported that the legendary basketball player, Kobe Bryant, passed away today, January 26, 20020. There was a helicopter crash in Calabasas early this Sunday morning.

    So far there are not many details known about the crash. Kobe and four other individuals were on the helicopter. Apparently, a fire broke out on the helicopter.

    Although emergency personnel responded, tragically no one on board the craft is believed to have survived. People near the scene of the crash said that they heard the helicopter’s engine malfunctioning before it went down.

    Bryant has been known for using his private helicopter as a mode of transport for years. Even when he was playing for the Lakers Bryant would use his helicopter to travel to the STAPLES Center in downtown Los Angeles.

    Kobe Bryant’s Legacy

    The passing of anyone is a sad sight to see. Especially when it comes to complete legends such as Kobe Bryant.

    Not many other players were able to accomplish what Bryant did throughout his career. Bryant is only one of two players in the NBA to spend 20 plus years with one franchise.

    Kobe Bryant Dies at 41

    During his two decades in the league, Bryant went to completely represent and embody the Los Angeles Lakers. He was able to bring 5 rings to the city and keep the historic tradition of winning alive.

    Up until last night, Kobe was 3rd on the all-time scoring list in the NBA. Until he was surpassed by the Laker’s new leader, Lebron James. LeBron accomplished this feat while playing against the 76ers in Philadelphia, the town where Bryant grew up. After this accomplishment, LeBron went on to praise Bryant’s true greatness. Bryant also went on to show his respect for LeBron on his twitter.

    Final Thoughts

    Although Kobe Bryant only made it to 41, his legacy will go on to live throughout his fans and this world for decades to come. Bryant was able to impact the game of basketball and influence a countless number of fans and players in a way that few others have.

    What are your guys’ thoughts though? What did this basketball legend mean to you? And what are some of your favorite memories/ accomplishments of his?

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