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    King of Rancheras, Vicente Fernandez Passes Away At 81

    A popular genre in Mexico, Ranchera music got its name from the ranchlands where it was originally performed. While the music embraces rural themes, it started gaining popularity during Mexico’s 10-year revolution. In fact, is known as “the defining event of modern Mexican history”. In this industry, there’s one man known as the “King Of Rancheras. His name was Vicente Fernandez.

    Who was Vicente?

    Born in Jalisco, Vicente was the last of the mythical interpreters in ranchera music. His family came from a lower class settlement and since that point in his childhood, he was obligated to work different jobs. No one from his childhood believe he got to be nicknamed ‘El Charro de Huentitán’. He then received a great deal of praise from his community as the King of Ranchera.

    Later in his life, he made songs of love, loss, and patriotism with having rural Mexico as inspiration.

    This King of Ranchera was found dead on Sunday, he’s 81 years old at the time. His family confirmed his death through an Instagram post saying, “Here between us … I will always remember you. We are eternally grateful to everyone around the world for their support, those present, their love and affection in these difficult times. Thank you for continuing to applaud”.

    Greatly Remembered

    Furthermore, right after his death leaders, artists, and people around the world mourned his death.

    Besides Mexico’s president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is the first to send his condolences to Vicente’s family with a short message on Twitter. Stating that Vicente is ” a symbol of the ranchera song of our time, known and recognized in Mexico and abroad.”

    As well as Colombia’s president, Ivan Duque showed his solidarity, “to the Mexican people” after knowing Fernandez’s death.

    The tweet above indicates that, “The art and music of Latin America are in mourning. Vicente Fernández was a true genius of folklore and the music of our region. Therefore, his departure hurts us and his legacy will live forever. Our solidarity with the brother people of Mexico and with all their loved ones”.

    Even Puerto Rican artist Ricky Martin said a few words via Twitter. Saying he was heartbroken when hearing the news. And that “Don Chente was an angel with me all my life … the only thing that comforts my soul, at this moment, is that every time we saw each other I told him how important he was to me,” said the artist.

    Finally, in the end, Vicente Fernandez wanted to captivate the world with his music and put the name in Mexico at the top of the world.

    “For instance, when I started my career, I always had the confidence that I would one day make it, but I never imagined that I would reach the heights at which the public has placed me,” Vicente said previously.


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