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    Kim Kardashian Pleads for YouTube to Stop the “Momo Challenge”

    There’s this really weird internet challenge going around, and Kim Kardashian is anything but a fan of it.

    Besides her fight for prison reform, some might say there aren’t many other important things that Kim Kardashian uses her platform to help bring an end to… that is until today. Overall, it’s all because of the momo challenge.

    Kim K is pleading with YouTube to track down an odd internet craze, known as the “Momo Challenge,” and remove it from their services for good. As reported by TMZ, the Momo Challenge instructs for children to kill themselves. But what makes it worse is that most parents don’t know this video even exists. The realiity tv star has came under heavy scrutiny lately, with rumors that her nose is fake.

    Momo Challenge

    Apparently, Momo, a strange looking character, always appears on the screen after parents leave the room with their children. One parent even claims that Momo threatens to harm children if they tell they report what they watched back to an adult.

    On her social media, Kim is begging for YouTube to find the culprits behind the video. However, YouTube is having trouble locating evidence that’ll help them find track of the video’s origin.

    Lately, the entrepreneur has become a symbol of integrity. Last week Mrs. West shamed fashion brands for stealing ideals, and selling them for their own profit. However, just last year she was sued for $100 Million for breaking an agreement for Kimojis.

    Thoughts? Have you heard of the “Momo Challenge”? Leave your comments below.

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