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Kim Kardashian Parenting Time


Could Kim Kardashian’s Parenting Style be an Act for TV?

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For years, Kim Kardashian has been trying to shake the sex tape scandal that made her famous in the first place.

And she did…sort of…but she’s still known as one of the major sex icon of all time. Over the years, Kim Kardashian’s butt has become bigger, her waist tinier, and her photoshoots a bit more tasteless. The only thing that’s really different is that she’s a married woman now. With all of these great things how is her parenting?

But Alice Marie Johnson is here to tell people that Kim deserves to have a new name around town, reports The Blast. According to Johnson, Kim is an exceptional mother, and it’s about time people start to take notice of that. Johnson says that while the wildfires were blazing out of control in the California hills, she spent some time with the Kardashian family. And the scene was truly heartwarming.

“She’s a fantastic mother,” Johnson told “The Domenick Nati Show.” “I was able to spend some time during the wildfires, we were at Kendall’s house, and I saw her interaction with her children. I was just amazed at how she was so sensitive to every little thing.”

That’s a pretty big statement coming from someone who probably hasn’t spent that much time around the family to actually know the truth. Not to say that she isn’t a good mother, her Kim’ Kardashian’s parenting style is questionable.

In order for us to believe that we’d have a few questions of our own. How much time does Kim K actually spend with her kids, before giving them to the nanny? Does Kim K cook a well-balanced breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Can she cook at all? And is she there to tuck them at night?

For all we know, Kim could be a monster in designer clothes. Think about it…the cameras are always rolling, so how much of her true colors do we, the outsiders, actually get to bare witness to?

Thoughts? What do you think about Kim Kardashian’s parenting? Share your thoughts below.

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Featured Image Credit: Kim Kardashian/ Kanye West Instagram

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