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    Kid Cudi ‘Entergalactic’ Sends A Deep Message Through Animation

    Kid Cudi takes his visual concepts to new heights with the release of the Netflix animated music television special Entergalactic. The movie takes viewers on a journey about love, reflection and closure through music. Created by the mind of artist, actor and model in collaboration with Kenya Barris, Kid Cudi’s Entergalactic utilizes animation to further explore his album of the same name.

    Entergalactic Explores Black Love Through Black Creators

    Giving a modern depiction of Black love within the Black community, Entergalactic uses a remarkable love story to push a bigger message. With Kid Cudi as the main character of Jabari, we follow him during a transitional moment in his life. Embarking on a new career while fighting to stay true to his craft, we see him deal with relatable struggles and personal doubt.

    The funny and memorable Jessica Williams plays Jabari’s love interest of Meadow, a free-spirited photographer and a fan of Jabari. As both are connected to their passions of art and photography, a promising relationship starts between the pair. The star-studded cast also features Ty Dolla $ign, Jaden Smith, Vanessa Hudgens and the legendary Macaulay Culkin!

    Although the film is more than a love story, it gives amazing detail on the importance of Black love and genuine support. Both Jabari and Meadow deal with lack of professional and personal support nonetheless finding comfort in one another. Another theme that stood out is the idea of staying true to yourself and your passion. The messages of never letting the world change you or change what you’ve created and staying true to your passion while pursing bigger dreams is a piece of advice anyone can learn from!

     Entergalactic Is The New Soundtrack To Life

    Aside from outstanding cast and dynamic animation, the musical soundtrack for this film is next level! Kid Cudi, who knows to give an experience on any single, dives even deeper into the R&B-techno soul genre. Of course we have hip-hop style beats on singles like “Do What I Want”, which is a celebration-of-freedom-club-banger. Also a classic and first collaboration with André 3000 on “My Design“, a hypnotic indie/rap track.

    Continuing to explore R&B further, a majority of the singles set a tone of love and heartfelt emotion. A beautiful composition of drums, electric beats, colorful lyrics and Kid Cudi’s larger than life voice produce a timeless album that is Entergalatic! Unafraid to color outside of the box, Entergalactic paints a vivid and cinematic picture through sound and animation. Stylish features from Ty Dolla $ign, Don Toliver, Steve Aoki and Dot Da Genius added a magical essence.

    Obviously Kid Cudi’s new album is used to further tell the Entergalactic journey, but the soundtrack for the movie includes a few classic gems. Minnie Riperton’s sensual “Inside My Love” and a throwback of Dru Hill’s “In My Bed (So So Def Mix)”, further add to the galactic experience! It’s as if Kid Cudi wants us to embrace his music, while showing appreciation to music that gives him inspiration.

    Kid Cudi Takes Music Production To New Heights

    As the influence of social media pushes musicians to find innovative ways to connect with audiences, the boundaries of creativity are tested. Aside from TikTok dances and consistent online engagement, there is a need for a fresh approach. Kid Cudi not only found a new way to reach a larger audience, but he found an exciting way to re-connect with those who already love him!

    Using the gift of imagination, an artist’s mindset and freedom in creativity; Entergalactic is a mind blowing if not life changing experience. Expanding on the complexity of Black creators dealing with creative and internal conflict is just a piece of the mesmerizing picture! This depiction captures love in a variety of situations by exploring the ways it can both nurture and change you. The Kid Cudi Entergalactic duo release is available now on Netflix and all streaming services!



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