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    Kickstory: Top 10 Sneakers of the Decade!

    The Greatest soles of the decade

    No matter who you are, or what you like there’s almost a guarantee that you have seen one of the shoes on this list. Over the years the sneaker culture has elevated from being a subculture niche to being a mainstream commodity. Sneakers have now become pop culture as a result of  close relations with the growth of hip hop and urban culture. Music, style, film, and art have all had a major hand in assisting the growth of the sneaker culture.  With partnerships like Nike collaborations or signature shoes, sneakers are now a form of High Fashion one could only expect for iconic sneakers to be made. Here are some of our most iconic picks of the decade.

    Sneakers of the Decade-1

    10.Adidas Human Race NMD Pharrell x Chanel

    Pharrell has always been a major fashion icon since his days in the Neptunes. Pharrell’s style is unique and represents his music. It’s chic, bold, and edgy. Pharrell’s collaboration with Adidas was something sneaker-heads needed.

    The Human Race NMD was already a hit with Adidas consumers. The Chanel collaboration elevated the silhouette into high fashion. Chanel is an iconic brand that has a legacy of high quality and style. These qualities reflect in the simplicity of the shoe, yet it still has a bold street look that gives us the best of both worlds.

    Sneakers of the Decade-2

    9. Nike x Sacai LDWaffle

    The Nike x Sacai LDWaffle is a perfect combination of retro and modern. This shoe originates from an original Nike Waffle Runner and LDV. Designers at Sacai took the two shoes and merged them with a deconstructed approach. This shoe dropped during Paris Fashion week and created an instant buzz.

    Finally Dropping in the spring of 2019, it was an immediate purchase for many sneakerheads. Celebrities such as D, Angelo Russell, Jadakiss,  LeBron James, and ASAP Rocky have been seen rocking these shoes.

    The Nike x Sacai collaboration takes the old and makes it new. Adding new life to an old design bringing it into modern fashion as a staple of 2019.Sneakers of the Decade-3

    8. Adidas Ultra boost

    Debuting in 2015 on the feet of professional runners. The Ultra boost introduced Adidas’ new technology to average consumers. The boost sole was initially created during an Adidas collaboration with BASF however, the Ultra boost popularized the technology.

    Releasing in a triple white and core black colorway. Thanks to it being comfortable and stylable this shoe became very popular with average consumers and the sneaker-head community.

    Yeezy designer, Kanye West, liked these shoes so much he incorporated the boost technology into every Yeezy shoe he’s created.

    Sneakers of the Decade-4

    7. Air Jordan 11 “Concord”

    Easily one of the biggest Retro Jordans to touch the streets. The concord 11’s is the most popular colorway of this silhouette. Releasing 4 times within the decade, once as a cleat. The concords is the most iconic shoe that Jordan played in.

    The hype around this should come from Jordan’s relentlessness to wear them as he dominated opponents, despite being banned. These shoes represent relentlessness on and off the court. This shoe always creates a buzz.

    With 4 releases. 2 high tops, 1 Low, and 1 cleat. the sneaker community has proved that this shoe is here to stay. Soon enough they’ll be back again.

    Sneakers of the Decade-5

    6. Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost “Turtle Dove”

    Yeezy shook the sneaker community when they first launched in 2015. The 350 Boost Turtle Dove was unprecedented. This shoe was so hot and so rare that it drove its value up immediately.

    After leaving Nike due to contract disputes Kanye jumped ship to Adidas and created the Yeezy empire we see now. The Turtle Dove was his first iteration of the 350 Boost, only releasing 9,000 pairs it was one of the hardest shoes to find.

    Kanye being an influential fashion icon and top 10 rapper of the decade it isn’t hard for this shoe to climb to the top. This shoe created the hype which paved the way to all the yeezys we love today.

    Sneakers of the Decade-6

    5. Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October”

    The end of Kanye’s legacy at Nike left us with one of the most iconic shoes to be created by both brands. The Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Red October” is one of, if not the best Yeezy to be created. The iconic colorway and vibrancy has been a fan favorite since images leaked on the internet. Releasing in 2014, these shoes sold out in seconds.

    With this shoe being the last thing created between the Nike and Yeezy collaboration it is a treasure to have in any sneakerheads collection. If you missed out on these, unfortunately, we will probably never get an opportunity to buy these again…..unless you have $6,500 for Stockx of course.

    Sneakers of the Decade-7

    4. Nike Mag

    Originally being a sci-fi idea from the iconic 80s film “Back To The Future Part II” these shoes have been brought to life by the innovators at the NikeLab. The Air Mag’s have made the impossible possible.

    This shoe deserves every cool point you can possibly get from any fashion item. Initially released in 2011 and then again in 2016 it allowed us to wear the future. With its self-lacing technology and the led light that pair with the Nike Adapt app these shoes give you a full experience of technological fashion.

    The Nike Mag’s push fashion-forward and proves that there are no limitations as to what can be reality.

    Sneakers of the Decade-8

    3. Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1

    Travis Scott rose to fame like wildfire after dropping his debut album “Rodeo” in 2015. His style was unmatched and this uniqueness is clear in his fashion. Fast forward to 2019,  Travis has become one of few recording artists with a signature shoe, a Jordan shoe at that. This automatically makes it a popular choice.

    With Travis being on tour during the release this Nike collaboration resulted in an immediate sellout. These sneakers represent the music and the style of the year making it a staple on this list.

    Sneakers of the Decade-9

    2. Off White x Air Jordan 1 “Chicago”

    The Chicago 1s were an iconic shoe, to begin with. Being one of Jordan’s top colorways it was a guaranteed hit. Paired with the popularity Virgil Abloh brand Off-White™ this Nike collaboration was destined for greatness.

    Off-white™ took the silhouette of the Chicago ones and incorporated their signature deconstructed look to give us something fresh. The Jordan brand typical has success with its retro releases however, this was new and fresh.

    Sneakers of the Decade-10

    1. Air Force 1

    Forces, Uptowns, Flaves, G Fazos whatever name you decide to use, these have stood the test of time. Air Force Ones are the essential sneaker that everyone should have. If you don’t have any other shoes, you should have these.

    Some might say that this shoe wasn’t released in the decade between 2010-2019, which is true. Regardless, it remains within Nike’s top-selling shoe to date. You cannot go anywhere today without seeing these on someone’s feet. Everyday sneaker stores are filled with customers asking “Do y’all have white forces?”

    The Air Force 1 is iconic because it’s universal to every style. This is a shoe that everyone can buy and add their twist to through customizations. The potential of this shoe is endless.  This is a shoe that will always be relevant and no shoe will ever replace it. Therefore, this is and should be the #1 sneaker of the decade, and maybe the next.

    What’s your favorite sneaker? or Nike collaboration? Let us know in the comments below.



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