That Sick Fuck Kevin Spacey Is At It Again! In Disguise Encouraging Underage Drinking?

Last year Kevin Spacey name took a big hit in the world of entertainment. However, it seems as though he still hasn’t learned his lesson.

2018 was a big year for calling out celebrities for their behind the scene antics. People like R. Kelly and Bill Cosby were blasted for there lude acts to defenseless people. Kevin Spacey is another celebrity that didn’t manage to sneak under the radar. The former House Of Cards actor has a long rap sheet of claims regarding sexual assault. After news broke of Spacey sexually assaulting an 18-year-old, the world of entertainment quickly took action. Allegedly he served the individual alcohol and began touching him in inappropriate places.

A Disguised Sexual Predator


Despite Kevin being on the hot seat, that didn’t stop him from appearing recently at a College party. Allegedly the 59 -year-old was caught at the party in disguise encouraging underage students to drink. The actor puts himself in a bad predicament, as just last year Kevin Spacey’s lawyer claimed the sexual assault victim wanted it. At the moment he still makes it seems like he’s not guilty of the crimes. We saw a new level of scum when he released a creepy video after the teenage sexual assault claims.

Should this sick fuck need to rot in jail? And where did he get that stupid disguise from? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to


  1. This article is full of shit, you should be ashamed of yourself for twisting the story like that and manipulating the fact. What is wrong with you?!

    • I agree with Fiona. This is bullshit and you should be sued. Doesn’t Kevin Spacey have enough false claims against him and now you say he goes to college parties disguised? Kevin Spacey is very famous and could not disguise himself if he tried. You go to hell and your article too. Now all the more I stick up for Kevin Spacey.

      • I just re-read this stupid article about Kevin Spacey at a college party. THAT WAS IN 2015 and you, the fake media, make it sound like it was LAST WEEK. THIS IS HOW THE MEDIA SCREWS UP STORIES. Please leave Kevin Spacey alone and if he ignored the woman too bad, he is a gay man.

  2. I know for a fact, because I witnessed Kevin Spacey’s bullshit back in the 1980s when I lived in an apartment directly beneath him, he is a despicable person who is exploits men for his own sexual gratification and he’ll get what he wants at any cost with no concern of the ramifications. And this was before he was worth millions of dollars and had won Oscars. And now with all of his money and assumed power he’s been out of control and now he’s paying the price and he should fucking pay the price fuck Kevin Spacey I am so sick of his shit. And fuck all of u naysayer assholes.


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