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    Balls Grabbing Kevin Spacey Off The Hook?

    For decades plenty of people have come to love the actor known as Kevin Spacey. There’s no doubt that the actor is talented, and can play the ultimate villain when he wants. However, his personal life is a different story.

    The former House Of Spade’s actor has not been the favorite on everyone’s list in the most recent year. Spacey has been fighting an uphill battle to clear his name of allegations surrounding sexual misconduct. One which includes groping a busboy at a Nantucket bar. Most recently the lawsuit was ultimately dropped by the victim. Overall, it leaves us to question whether or not an agreement was made behind closed doors. Don’t defend that balls grabbing Kevin Spacey scumbag!!

    Balls Grabbing Kevin Spacey

    Per the L.A. Times, an attorney by the name of Mitchell Garabedian confirmed that the civil suit would be dropped. Garabedian is the person representing the 18-year-old alleged victim. The dismissal did not confirm if a settlement was reached. At the moment, the actor is still facing similar charges in other cases. Furthermore, after news got out of the allegations, active projects of Spacey‘s were dropped instantly. Above all, this all comes at a time where people the likes of Michael Jackson, and Bill Cosby are in the news for stories reflecting horrific shame. In addition, the world of celebrities has always seemed to be filled with benefits that allow them to live above the law.

    In conclusion, what are your thoughts? Do you think that balls grabbing Kevin Spacey agreed to a settlement? Will he end up doing jail time in his other cases? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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