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Kendall Jenner Crazy Stalker

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Kendall Jenner’s Crazy Stalker Escapes and Making His Way Back

John Shearer/ Getty Images/2017

Kendall Jenner’s crazy stalker has escaped, and he’s got everyone in a panic over where he could possibly turn up next.

Bets are that it’ll be in very close proximity to Jenner…like in her backyard…or worse…hiding in her bedroom. It gives you the chills just thinking about it, but it isn’t too unheard of in this crazy stalker case. With the escape of Kendall’s stalker, plenty of questions are now to be asked.

Kendall Jenner Crazy Stalker 

Not too long ago, Ford was caught trespassing on Kendall Jenner‘s home in California, after he allegedly went through the extremes of climbing a hill just to make it onto the property. And according to TMZ, that wasn’t the first time that Ford’s been caught snooping around the Jenner household– he’s apparently done it more than once. Which rightfully led to a restraining order, at the request of the 23-year-old model.

Her stalker, John Ford, is originally from Toronto, Canada, and that’s exactly where police last dropped him off after he was deported from the United States, after first receiving the restraining order. However, Jenner‘s problems could be turning up less than 100 yards away any moment now.

Apparently, after police escorts dropped Ford off at the Toronto airport, his family took overwatch. But today, his family says he just vanished.

Jenner and her team are now making plans of their own to protect Jenner at all costs. Though, she may be able to relax just a little bit. With all the security guarding the border, it’s a relief to know to get back to America be very difficult.

But hey…so is climbing a hill, and Ford already proved he’s an expert at that.

In conclusion, what are your thoughts about Kendall Jenner‘s crazy stalker escaping? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the comment section.

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Image Credit: W Magazine

Featured Image Credit: John Shearer/ Getty Images/2017

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