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    Kehlani Said Smoking Marijuana Almost Destroyed Her Vocal Cords

    There’s a reason why doctors tell us drugs are bad for our health. In most cases, they’re not wrong. Though, Kehlani learned that the hard way. Recently, the 26-year-old took to TikTok to celebrate three years of being marijuana-free. Moreover, she explains to fans just what lead to her decision to stop smoking cold turkey. Turns out, the drug nearly destroyed Kehlani’s vocal cords. When the star learned of the dangers that marijuana posed to her singing career, she changed her life for the better.

                The Singer Nearly Loses Her Vocal Cords

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    Kehlani has single-handedly become one of the best singers in recent years. When the 26-year-old hit the scene with her hit 2015 single “The Way”, the singer immediately captured audiences. Arguably, she has one of the best vocals in the business, which makes it hard to believe that she could ever loose her voice. In a recent TikTok video, the “Ur Bestfriend” singer shared with fans that she had stop using weed to save her vocal cords. In a now-since deleted tweet, Kehlani wrote, “went to see a throat doctor and he told me I only had a few years left of singing . . . I never smoked once again. Call it scared straight.” Honestly, who could blame Kehlani. The singer was one cigarette away from ruining her singing career.

    Furthermore, the “All of Me” star explained that while marijuana has it’s perks when used correctly, she admits that she abused the drug. In fact, it affected her lungs and controlled most of her life. Moreover, the R&B singer admitted that she wasn’t “the most productive pothead” either. Luckily, she stopped smoking before the drug completely destroyed her vocal cords.

    Kehlani Doesn’t Knock Smokers After Being Drug-Free For 3 Years

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    Now that Kehlani is on the right track, she wants to share the good news with the world. In addition to talking about her unpleasant experience using drugs, the star also celebrated being drug-free for three years. Though, just because she’s clean now, doesn’t mean she knocks other smokers. In fact, the singer praises those still using marijuana but cautions them to use it responsibly. “Smoke the weed, don’t let it smoke you,” the star said in her TikTok video shared to her Instagram. Clearly, Kehlani learned her lesson.


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