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Kash Doll Apologizes to Lil Kim for Being a Mean Bitch

It’s so nice to see two female rappers burying the beef for the better.

Kash Doll and Lil Kim, are two great rappers, but who would have known the two had this ongoing secret beef?

Not us…until now.

Kash Doll and Lil Kim allegedly had a little exchange of words back in the day, reports The Hollywood Unlocked. Kash Doll explains that the problem started when she was new to the music industry. She claims she had gotten upset after someone she was working with had told her that Lil Kim had zero interest in letting her tour with her.

“First of all, I met Lil Kim last night!!!!!! She was sooooooo sweet I had to apologize to her for going on a rant when I was younger!!” Kash Doll tweeted. “I was in my feelings about some s**t someone I was working with told me she said I couldn’t go on tour with her. Lil Kim didn’t [even] know.”

Kash Doll, being so young at the time, didn’t know how to handle the situation maturely. Instead, she lashed out on Kim

But after meeting the old school rapper personally, she’s realized her actions were uncalled for.

“She was so G about it! Hugged me and embraced me like listen you’re too talented for that i love learning shit from OGs!! @LilKim thank u for everything!  you’re truly an icon love.”

Lil Kim accepted Kash Doll’s apology, and now the two are friends and vow to support each other’s music careers.

Any thoughts? How do you feel about this story? Would you have accepted Kash Doll’s apology if you were Lil Kim? Let us know what’s on your mind by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

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Featured Image Credit: Ebony Magazine

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