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    Kanye West Isn’t Going Away After All

    When it comes to the press, the media will say just about anything to make a quick buck. Of course, the media has fed into the Kim Kardashian and Kanye West divorce debacle. Nearly every headline pertains to their relationship drama. The latest being that Kanye West or rather, Ye, will be sent away to receive help. However, Ye’s rep sets the record straight by refuting those claims. Clearly, Yeezy isn’t going away after all.

    Kim Kardashian’s People Say Her Ex Will Be Going Away

    going away
    via EURO 24 NEWS

    At this point, everyone wants Kanye West to seek out help. Though, no one wants it more than his famous ex-wife Kim Kardashian. Recently, Kim K’s rep informed the former reality star that her ex-husband will be “sent away to get the help he needs.” Furthermore, the source further revealed that Ye discussed with the SKIMS CEO that he’ll refrain from making unwanted and crude public comments. Additionally, the source claims that Ye promised to send himself away to receive treatment and get help. While most of us have wished the same, it’s unlikely the rapper will do so.

              Kanye West’s Rep Refutes The Rumors

    going away
    via The Washington Post

    Apparently, Ye’s rep Jason Lee got wind of the source’s claims and denied everything. According to Lee, the verbal exchange never took place between Ye and Kim K in the first place. Additionally, Ye’s rep argued that such rumors “only hindered the rapper’s efforts in improving himself.” Fortunately, Lee did assure the press that West has worked hard to become the “dotting father he yearns to become for his children.” In closing remarks, Lee argued that since the reports didn’t officially come from an official press release or Ye’s own mouth, they’re “simply false.”

    Can’t believe everything the media says.


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