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    Kanye To Have A Meltdown If He Isn’t Creative Director Of Adidas

    The plot thickens as Kanye is moving in on his next rant. This time he’s demanding to be a creative director.

    We may know Mr. West next target and you won’t be too surprised. There is no doubt that the Chicago native is talented. However, his passion often gets in the way of ability to effectively communicate. At the end of the day, Kanye thrives off the ability to shine in the midst of his genius. One thing that Yeezy can boast most about is his sneaker line with Adidas. The “College Dropout” artist debuted his first with Nike, shortly after he decided to migrate to Adidas.

    Creative Director Or Meltdown

    For years Mr. West has continued to build a sneaker empire that is in high demand. When it comes to his sneakers, it can compare to Jordans. The overwhelming demand has caused chaos surrounding release dates. In a recent interview with Interview magazine, Mr. West said that he is fighting to become the creative director of Adidas. Just last year adult company Pornhub named Kanye West as the new creative director.

    “Of this entire crew that came up around the same time, you are the most deserving of one of these positions. So it’s interesting to me when you get these situations, because, like, I’ve been fighting and struggling and arguing and talking and having conversation after conversation about being the creative director of Adidas,” he said. “It’s just fucking obvious, right?”

    Most recently Ye was sent in a better light instead of his normal dislike. In a video, Kanye performed with a choir. Overall it left us to believe that Kanye West gone fuck around and start a church. Now if only he could stop bitching, it’s time Drake and Kanye dead the bullshit.

    Will Adidas finally buckle and let Kanye become the creative director? Will Kanye avoid another meltdown and finally grow up? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to


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