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    Kanye West Actually Held A Presidential Campaign Rally

    Kanye West For President is real, The Rapper holds first Presidential Campain Rally.

    Kanye West held his first official presidential campaign rally in South Carolina.

    During the hour-long event, the presidential hopeful shared his views on varying topics from abortion to slavery.

    Kanye West’s first presidential campaign rally was exactly what you would expect a Kanye rally to be. Clips and quotes plenty are emerging for what can only be described as a s**t show at this point.

    “Harriet Tubman never actually freed the slaves she just had the slaves go work for other people”-Kanye West.

    When the children of the future look back on 2020, that maybe the quote of their former president, spoken during his first-ever campaign rally. If this year hasn’t been wild enough, here comes Kanye west, grabbing the mic once again to ruin the moment.

    Despite all of its negativity, 2020 had a light a the end of the tunnel in the form of the Presidential Election in November. No quarantine, no virus, nothing could steal the joy of knowing that the Trump era had a real chance at being over.

    At least that was until Kanye West made the announcement that he was running for president. People thought it was a joke, a publicity stunt, that Ye wasn’t serious about using his money to run. However, just like with Donald Trump in 2016, the country is watching what happens when you give maniacs money.

    Hopefully, after Kanye West’s presidential Rally in South Carolina, people will see the seriousness of this situation and respond swiftly.

    Kanye West clearly needs help, for the people around him that are benefiting of his madness, please stop. This man is issuing a public outcry for help, and for all of us who have enjoyed his musical talent, we should try to pay him back by not watching him self destruct.

    On a side note, not everything Kanye said was bad, he may still be in there somewhere.

    What are you guys’ thoughts on Kanye’s first Presidential Rally? Are you team Kanye For president 2020?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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