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Kanye Sunday's Best Host

Kanye West

Kanye Sunday’s Best Host In 2020?


Mr. West is all about controversy. Any way you put it, the Chicago native has to be in the center of chaos.

Yeezy is back at it again and this time he’s attracting big stars. Since last year Kanye has been on the road with a massive choir performing live at various places. Now the rapper has turned over a new leaf and is going full gospel. We wouldn’t be surprised if Kanye Sunday’s Best host in 2020. He surely has the notoriety and following.

Just recently Kanye pulled some well-known people into his Sunday service. That includes a well-known actor by the name of Brad Pitt. Mr. West and the choir took to a parking lot to perform. Furthermore, other high fame celebrities have attended this week including L.A. Reid, Big Boy, The Kardashians, and Adrienne Bailon.

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The choir has been doing pop-ups throughout the entire Country. The group has performed in airports and even airplanes. Yeezy even worked with Dave Chapelle to put on a free concert. Surely Mr. West is doing great things despite originally using the church to make money. Last year he and Kris Jenner were selling merchandise that pissed off a lot of Christians in return. Overall he received plenty of backlash for selling heavily marked up the gear.

In conclusion, is the genius Yeezy destined to take Kirk Franklin spot in the world of the gospel? Do you think Kanye Sunday’s Best host ideal is possible? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to


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