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Jussie smollett attack


Police Can’t Confirm Jussie Smollett’s Attack Is Real?

Jussie Smollett’s claim that two men beat him up, as part of a vicious hate crime, is raising red flags for authorities.

Authorities are insinuating that the evidence just isn’t there, which is causing difficulty in confirming the legitimacy of the chain of events.

As it turns out, Chicago police have rejected his phone records, in connection to the case. TMZ has learned that law enforcement points out the possibility of tampering. And although no evidence to support that claim has been found, police are taking appropriate precautions to be certain.

However, a spokesperson for Smollett says that there’s nothing to worry about.

“Jussie is the victim here, which has been slated by the Superintendent of Police. Jussie has voluntarily provided his phone records from within an hour of the attack and given multiple statements to police. Chicago PD has repeatedly informed us that they find Jussie’s account of what happened that night consistent and credible.”

Back in January, JS was allegedly the target of a hate crime by two men. They are said to have physically assaulted him, tied a rope around his neck, and poured bleach on his skin. At the time of the attack, the Empire star claims to have been on the phone with his manager, as he walked to a nearby Subway restaurant.

As well as phone records, police are looking for more hard evidence to support this story.

Thoughts? Do you believe Jussie Smollett is telling the truth? Please make sure to leave your thoughts below.

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