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    Joe Budden Offended By Co-Host Reactions To His Ice Spice Cover

     For as long as anyone can remember, Joe Budden has criticized rappers for their supposed “lack of” rap skills. He’s dissed every emcee far and wide. It seemed that the former emcee himself didn’t like anyone in the industry! Although, there’s one up and coming artist that Joe Budden has taken a liking to. Recently, the podcast host did an impression of upcoming drill rapper, Ice Spice, on her viral track “Munch (Feelin’ U).” Everyone expressed their utter surprise at Joe Budden’s impression, including his co-hosts. However, Budden got offended by everyone’s reactions. 

    Joe Budden Does An Impression of Ice Spice “Munch”



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    The best way to show someone we like them is flattery. Joe Budden certainly paid a compliment to new drill rapper Ice Spice, after performing his version of her hit song “Munch (Feelin’ U)” on The Joe Budden Podcast. Furthermore, the song has racked up millions of streams and views, making it a huge win for the Bronx, NY artist. 

    This week, Budden went into full-blown fan-boy mode after he rapped the chorus of the song at the 1:03:50 mark. He went a step further by mimicking Ice Spice’s feminine body moves and voice. Furthermore, the clip of him giving his rendition has since gone viral. Many fans on social media expressed their shock and surprise at Budden’s cover of “Munch.” At least he’s a fan of someone’s work!

    He Gets Offended By Their Reactions

    While the fans were surprised by Joe Budden’s fan-boy moment, his co-hosts even appeared shook. In fact, right after giving his performance, an awkward silence fell over the room. Talk about being able to read the room! Eventually, Budden’s co-hosts burst out laughing. Even his co-host Ish joked, “You said that a little too spicy, my N***a!” 

    Rather than laughing along with them, Budden seemed outwardly offended by the comment. Furthermore, the former rapper defended himself, stating that he’s a fan of Ice Spice’s music! Clearly, the rapper doesn’t hate everyone’s music.


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