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    JJ Finesser Shares New Project, ‘Classic OG’

    On his newest project, ‘Classic OG,’ JJ Finesser returns to emphasize his successes. The arts improve society’s temperament and ideals. As a result, the title of the record was coined.

    The market is currently swamped with the same content and music. “Classic OG” sets itself apart by being one of a kind and delivering the most value to the market. JJ says the following about the relevance of his album:

    “The 90’s Hip-Hop that I grew up listening to is going to be revered similarly to the Motown Sound as time progresses. ‘Classic OG’ is a Hip-Hop Renaissance masterpiece”

    JJ Finesser completes his trilogy of studio albums with ‘Classic OG,’ which acts as maturation and coming of age for him as he clarifies what’s essential to him: Family & Growth. He showcases his own music style as an ode to the old school sounds of Hip-Hop and the growing of his craft. The talented Jerry D., mixed, mastered and produced his entire musical trilogy.

    When reflecting on the curation of the album, JJ Finesser adds:

    “‘Classic OG’ is a culmination of a level in my Life that began with alcoholism & homelessness. It’s a level that taught me that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I stopped drinking alcohol in 2017 & it’s one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made. By detoxifying the mind, body, & soul, I’ve been able to consistently sharpen my focus & reprogram outdated thought patterns & belief systems that caused self-sabotage. My album is a representation of who I’ve become, a ‘Classic OG’.”

    “Winning. It’s the only thing that matters.” – JJ Finesser

    JJ Finesser describes himself as a true Hip-Hop emcee, citing A Tribe Called Quest, Static Major, Big L, and Black Star as influences. This rising rhymer is in his prime and you don’t want to miss it! Give Classic OG a spin and let us know what you think.

    Stream it below.


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