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Jimi Hendrix

Dedicated Online Games for a Legendary US Guitarist – Jimi Hendrix

If you ask music lovers to name the most iconic guitar player that they have heard in the history of pop music, you will hear the name of none other than the Jimi Hendrix. The legendary musician who bid goodbye to this world at a very young age is written in golden words in the history of popular music. This legend has now been immortalized with an amazing online slots game named after him. He still has a cult following across the world and such was his mastery over the instrument that many people who tried to copy him after his demise failed miserably in doing so. There are very few people who have brought such revolutionary changes to the world of pop music like Jimi Hendrix.

The Jimi Hendrix named online games: A real tribute to the legend

Jimi Hendrix was not just a guitar player; he was one guy who managed to revolutionise the way guitar was played till then. His use of fuzz and wah-wah techniques drove music lovers mad, and people queued up for long hours to hear him play. One could say that it was his techniques that led to the creation of the heavy metal and hard rock. Try out the amazing online slots game at UK’s top online casino and get a feel for the 70’s background theme as you play and get to watch the super cool graphics of the great legend.
Jimi with Guitar

Experience purple haze Jimi Hendrix style

‘Purple Haze’, this amazing song written by Jimi Hendrix was an instant hit and became a record hit building him a fan following all over the world. For many music lovers, Purple Haze was their first chance to experience the amazing work of this legend. Owing to the popularity of Purple Haze, Jimi Hendrix online slots game has a special Purple Haze feature inbuilt into it. You can try playing the online slots game dedicated to him and get a real-like feel with flowers in the background.

Jimi Hendrix’s Cross-Town traffic

Cross town traffic was another song written by Jimi Hendrix that hit the top charts in the year 1968. It went on to feature on the top 100 hit charts, and the UK singles hit chart. Paying a true tribute to this evergreen number the Jimi Hendrix online slots game has a Cross Town free spins feature that gives you up to six free spins.

Jimi Hendrix was a true legend who brought path-breaking changes and completely changed the way how the guitar was played till then. His music was futuristic, and there are quite many things you might not know about the famous US guitarist and a whole generation swayed to his psychedelic tunes. His scores were original and not just limited to taking the levels to top range. If you thought he was only good at playing hard rock, then you are completely mistaken. He was equally good at playing quiet ballads. Such was his unbeatable genius.


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