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    Jennifer Lopez Marriage Could Be Beneficial For Tom Brady

    Oddly, the New York native and global phenomenon Jennifer Lopez getting married can be beneficial to Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady. History shows every time Brady has won a championship happens to be the same time Lopez has gotten married. There’s no doubt that Brady is chasing his eighth ring after retiring and then choosing to come out of retirement this offseason. Recently, Lopez married movie star Ben Affleck in July 2022. One may consider this odd that Lopez’s marriages and Brady’s rings are paralleled.

    The first instance came while Brady was in college. Lopez’s first marriage was to music producer Ojani Noa in 1997. Ironically, was the same season Brady led the Michigan Wolverines to co-national champions with Nebraska. In 2001, she remarried a choreographer, Cris Judd. This also was the same year Brady stepped in for Drew Bledsoe and ultimately won the championship. The comparisons only get weirder as the facts unfolded. She married Marc Anthony in 2004, this was the same year Brady beat the Carolina Panthers in the Super Bowl, according to ESPN.

    Will the tradition continue with Lopez’s marriage and Brady’s success?

    Likelihood of Tom Brady Conquering his Eighth Ring

    While many would look at one “crazy” if they said a man in their mid-40s still has a high chance of winning a championship. Yet, that’s exactly what I’m saying right now!

    Moreover, Brady’s teams have only gained more depth over time and more experience. They attempt to continue adding youth to build long term; however, their team is built to win now. The experience and pure athletic cache that they have available to them may lead to a promising future. The one catalyst is that huge monster sitting out in Los Angeles. The Rams are the real deal and had a monstrous offseason signing some of the top prospects around the NFL. This appears to be the only threat that resides in the NFC at the moment. Obviously, this is subject to change as the season progresses. There are so many uncertainties that go on throughout the NFL season.

    However, only time will tell if Lopez’s new marriage to Affleck will lead to another title for Brady!


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