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    Jay-Z And Kanye West Friends Again??

    Are Jay-z and Kanye West Friends Again??

    After pictures emerged from Diddy’s 50th birthday party, everyone is asking are Jay-z and Kanye West friends again. The two hip-hop moguls have been linked since Ye came in the game. But their relationship hasn’t been that great as of late.

    Kanye was first signed to Jay-z’s Rocafella record label and even stuck with Jay when Rocafella fell apart.  Ye even penned a song dedicated to Jay entitled “Big Brother”

    However, the relationship went south in recent years for unknown reasons. One issue the two had was the fact that Jay-Z and Beyonce didn’t attend Kanye’s wedding to Kim Kardashian. Kanye would later go on a 20-minute rant during a live concert in which he bashed Jay.

    The beef seemed to hit a climax when Kanye left Tidal and sued Jay over a dispute involving royalties. Neither man has been linked together for some time now but all that seemed to change this weekend.

    Diddy had a star-studded birthday bash this past weekend that included the who’s who of Hollywood.Jay-Z And Kanye West Friends-1

    Pictures soon began showing up on the internet and the first one to go viral was a photo of Diddy, Jay-z, Kanye, and Pharrell. A meme was even created that highlighted Jay-z face that looked rather displeased in the picture.

    But sources have told TMZ that Jay-z and Kanye are friends again and have squashed all-beef legal and personal. According to the article on, the two men have settled their lawsuit and have already started working together again. Ye even released his “Nebuchadnezzar” opera exclusively on Tidal.

    Another highlight from Diddy’s party was a video of Jay-z snatching a man phone out his hand as he tried to capture video of Beyonce dancing. The carters are known for the preference of privacy and secrecy and Jay enforced that preference at the party.

    What do you guys think about Jay-z and Kanye being friends again though? Does this mean they will collaborate on music again or is this a strictly business relationship.

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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