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    Jacquees Trolled With Petition to Ban Him of Singing Covers!

    Jacquees trolled with a petition of performing live covers sounds pretty unfair, huh? It’s actually warranted… And here’s why.

    Running around claiming that he’s the “King of R&B” is pissing off other artists (and fans) because he doesn’t actually write any songs. He just covers them. Because of his amazing voice and singing abilities, he does them extremely well (and his covers get a lot of streams). But people aren’t feeling his claim to greatness as of yet over the legends.

    Jacquees trolled with the petition has made a lot of people happy. A slew of signatures alongside personal comments on the matter at hand has been stockpiling on the internet. Brandi Johnson from Carson, CA writes, “This fool had the NERVE to cover the Legendary Michael Jackson! He MUST be stopped immediately.” Kashona Thompson from Akron, OH added, “He must be stopped! He disrespected Keith Sweat, then I just heard his Dirty Diana cover. The boy has gone mad! Plus he dresses like a toddler.”

    To view the petition and add your comments visit:

    Will you be signing the petition to stop this upcoming crooner from singing covers? Leave your thoughts below and keep it locked to for more news!

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