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    Izzy And Chris Seek To Inspire Others With Their Music

    Izzy and Chris are two singers that formed a duo with a mission to excite and inspire people with their music. At first glance, these two musicians may seem like polar opposites of the music spectrum, and this is exactly what makes this duet complete and unique.

    Although “ The Starving Artist Thing “ is their debut EP, it’s not their first time collaborating. Just type in “ US5” on to Google. You will discover that Izzy Gallegos and Chris Watrin both were a part of one of the biggest boybands in Germany. The band has won several prestigious music awards including the Golden Otto (Germany) the Jetix Award (Poland) and many more. During those years, both Izzy and Chris have gained a large fanbase and international recognition.

    Following the success of the band, Izzy and Chris both took part in various music projects to further expand and express their creativity. While the guys seemingly took a creative hiatus, both artists continued performing and writing music.

    Strong vocals, stage presence and charisma- these guys have it all. On top of their extreme talent, Izzy and Chris are always on the search for new innovations and never stop working to perfect their skills.

    Since the announcement of the new joint project everyone has been patiently waiting for their debut EP. Izzy and Chris are hinting at a forthcoming release with short teasers and sneak previews. Even though the album is not officially released yet, it is already receiving raving reviews from those who heard the new material. “The Starving Artist Thing” incorporates a variety of music influences and inspirations. The project is energetic, eclectic and different. This is a release you won’t want to miss!

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