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    Is Seattle Seahawks Star WR DK Metcalf Forcing His Way Out?

    Seattle Seahawks star WR DK Metcalf may not be happy with how things are playing out in Seattle. Metcalf has unexcused absences for a three-day mandatory minicamp, reported Brady Henderson for ESPN . At this moment, he’s facing $93,00 in team fines for missing those three days. However, many are skeptical about the fact he may be forcing his way out of Seattle?

    Throughout his NFL career, he’s only played with future HOFer Russell Wilson. If he wishes to play this season, he will be taking the field with a below-average QB this season. He may feel betrayed by the Seahawks being signed during a process of rebuilding while he’s in his prime. Most athletes enjoy competing for a title, especially in their prime. However, it’s unlikely in one of the hardest divisions in football with the lackluster roster they have. They will be competing for anything more than finishing the season in the positive (9-8).

    Metcalf is seeking an extension to his rookie contract, not to mention, that he’s still recovering from foot surgery. Earlier this offseason, Seahawks HC Pete Carroll praised Metcalf for being at the team’s voluntary offseason program. Oddly, enough it seems to complete opposite as of now and this can negatively affect his negotiations relating to extension as well as the team’s dynamic. 

    DK Metcalf Expectations in 2022

    The 24-year-old is in line for a massive extension after recording 216 catches for 3,170 yards and 29 touchdowns through their first three seasons, according to ESPN . He’s proven to be durable and has yet to miss a game since he was drafted in 2019.

    The Seahawks GM John Schneider expresses things have changed since they expressed they wanted to extend Metcalf. The market has been expanded significantly which allows a few different options for the Seahawks to play out going forward. 

    “It is what it is now, right?” Schneider said at the owner’s meetings. “This is the market. So we’ll get to that when we get to it. But yeah there is a bit of, ‘whoa,’ but then you have to figure out: OK, well, where’s the cap going? What’s it going to look like? How do you build your team? We do that every day, we’re constantly moving stuff around.”

    His counterparts recently have signed blockbuster extensions and it only gives more leverage back to DK Metcalf. 


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