Tuesday, January 21, 2020
Vladamir Putin on Nuclear War

Vladamir Putin on Nuclear War: ‘America is Provoking The World’

Vladamir Putin's comment on Nuclear war stole the spotlight in the press today as he states that America is 'pushing the world closer to...
Thrift Shop Junk Reels in Five Figures

Thrift Shop Junk Reels in Five Figures for Lucky Shopper!

A Netherlands thrifter can now consider himself a "Thousandaire" after his purchase of a painting resells for $34,025. The painting, priced originally at the thrift...
Kim Kardashian Twitter wildfires

Kim Kardashian West Slams Critics on Twitter

It's no secret that we're in the middle of a climate crisis and the Australian wildfires are a direct result of it. Since the fires...
fires that continue to rage throughout Australia

Fires Continue To Rage Throughout Australia

Australia Fires Continue To Get Worse Fires continue to rage throughout Australia. The high rate of fires is the result of high winds and temperatures...
Came Out During Catholic School Assemblyvideo

Gay Teen Said Fuck It & Came Out During Catholic School Assembly

Gay slurs and homophobia may be running rampant in religious institutions, but one gay teenager was welcomed with a wealth of support as he...
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Call It Quits

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Announce they are stepping down from their royal duties! 2019 has been a roller coaster ride for the Dutch and...

Woman in South Africa Gets Attacked by Hippo!

A woman was close to losing her leg after being attacked by a 10,000-pound hippo while on vacation in South Africa, according to reports.  Kristen...

Nasty C & Runtown Drops Fire New Single “Said”

Nasty C And Runtown Dropsvideo
Nasty C has earned a name for himself when it comes to the world of a true artist. Hailing from South Africa, Nasty C has...

A-Reece Teams Up With 1000 Degreez In – A Real Nigga...

A Reece Teams Up Withvideo
A-Reece is hungry, and look's to make it in the rap game in a major way. The South African rapper claims to be one of...
Indian Woman

Rapist Sets Indian Woman On Fire

An Indian Woman was Set on fire by her accused Rapist as she was headed to trial! a 23-year-old Indian woman was set on fire...
Anime in American Culture Evolved

“How Anime in American Culture Evolved into a Lifestyle”

Anime was something that people in the earlier years really didn't get. It was just a cartoon from Japan to certain people. But for...
Egypt Discovers Untouched Tombvideo

Egypt Discovers Untouched Tomb in Mint Condition After 4,100 Years!

Egypt discovers untouched tomb in mint condition that is dated to be over 4,400 years old! https://youtu.be/KD7sBPSDC9o What an amazing discovery. A huge shoutout to the...
Man commits SUICIDE by trainvideo

Man commits SUICIDE by train…His body THROWN 100 feet!

Man commits suicide by jumping in front of a train in Israel. The incident was captured via CCTV via Israel Railways. His body flew over...
Drake & Futurevideo

Drake & Future are Coming in 2020 With a Bang

"Working on the Weekend as Usual" Is the catchy opening to Drakes and Future's new song Life is Good. The video shows both rappers take...
Earthquake Rocks Anchorage

Earthquake Rocks Anchorage! Buildings, Stores & Homes Destroyed

Earthquake of a 6.6 magnitude rocked Anchorage, Alaska - just now, forcing people out of their homes, offices, and buildings. Officials issued a tsunami warning...
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