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    Indiana Rising Star Cambry H. Releases New “BBY” Single

    "Cambry H Releases New BBY Single"

    Rising Indiana artist Cambry H is on his way to becoming a mainstream gem in the music and entertainment industry. With the new year among us, this creative is blessing his budding fanbase with a new single titled “BBY”. If you have ever met someone who you wanted to make your “baby” you will fall in love with this authentically crafted work of art. Cambry does an excellent job of creating a record that promotes a universal message that listeners worldwide can relate to. His R&B pop inspired sound is undeniable, and will be tearing up the airways all year.

    What makes “BBY” such a stellar release is the fact that it was written and produced by Cambry himself. Having received critical acclaim from publications such as Elevator Magazine, and Respect Magazine, his hard work is reaching the masses far beyond music. Recently, he landed a partnership with Sephora, one of the biggest beauty retailers in the world. As a face in the brand’s “Best Skin Ever” Foundation Campaign, the Indiana native gets a chance to showcase his talent and expand his reach as an influencer.With success coming early, “BBY” serves as the stimulating foundation of Cambry’s authentic sound.

    This high quality production, mixed with his auto-tuned T-Pain inspired vocals, creates an uptempo melody that captures the ear immediately. In the second verse, he borrows a line from the chorus of the 2007 hit “Shawty” by Plies giving the track a nostalgic feel. With divine talent, new music, and superstar chemistry, Cambry is on his way to impacting the music industry in a major way.

    Press play below to stream his new single “BBY”. 


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