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Bucky Malone


If You’re On Some Cap, Get “Off Dat!” With Bucky Malone & Friends

If you’re all cap, VA rapper Bucky Malone suggests that you get “Off Dat”. And if we’re being candid, I’ll second that motion. I, like many others, would prefer a no cap way of life.

Nonetheless. after releasing his eclectic project Futuristic Pimp $hit II back in October, Bucky Malone is back with his first 2019 release titled ”Off Dat!”. On the track, he grabs Lily Rayne and producer ICYTWAT to ensure a fire cut. Thus, Lily delivers a stylish-chanty anthem that will sure to be stuck in your head after a few listens. And ICYTWAT’s airy pockets of production gave this track the seal of head nodding approval.

Stream “Off Dat!” below and as always, thank you for checking into Hypefresh for your industry hip hop needs!

Featured Image Credit: ITSBIZKIT

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