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    Ice-T, Treach Release ‘Equal Standard’ About Police Brutality

    Equal Standard Drops At a Key Moment

    Ice-T & Naughty by Nature’s Treach have come together to make a movie about police brutality. The film is titled, Equal Standard, and dropped this past Monday, June 15th. The timing of the release is quite relevant. Police brutality and racial injustice have always been an issue in America. But the past couple of weeks have brought to light just how pressing these issues still are.

    Ice-T is no stranger to giving his thoughts on racist and violent police officers. Back in 1992, he released the track “Cop Killer” in response to the beating of Rodney King by cops. It is clear Ice-T has been aware of America’s problems, so it will be cool to see what Equal Standard has to offer.

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    What to Expect from the New Ice-T & Treach Film

    This movie takes place in New York City and follows the events that take place after an NYPD Detective is shot by a fellow police officer. The shooting was clearly racially motivated and results in the surrounding communities coming together to call for justice. People put their differences aside in an effort to be united against the evils of police brutality that are still far too common. Check out the trailer for the movie below.

    In an article written by The Source, Ice-T speaks about how long fought this call for help has been,”“We have been screaming out for help since the civil rights era . . . Anything they can do from within the police force is going to help when they go out in the streets. It’s the relationship … When all the conversation you have with police is: ‘Where are you from?’ ‘Move from this corner’ … Instead of ‘How is your day going’ and ‘What’s up?”. As this shows, Ice-T is hesitant to trust the system/expect change from cops, so it will be interesting to see how things play out in Equal Standard. Do you expect justice to be served, or will the sad trend of in-action continue?

    Final Thoughts

    What do you guys have to say though?

    Are you excited to see what Ice-T & Treach have to offer with Equal Standard? How good do you expect the movie to be? And what are other movies about police brutality and its injustices that you enjoy?


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