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    How HurtBae Video Went Viral

    If you have a Twitter, you may have seen the hashtag #HurtBae bombarding your timeline the last few days. Who is #HurtBae? If you are still out of the loop, it all began on when The Scene released a video late Valentine’s Day of exes Kourtney and Leonard opening up about their past relationship.

    In the emotional video, Kourtney confronts Leonard about his infidelity, asking him why he cheated on her in the first place. She even went as far as to ask him how many times he did the deed, which he responded: “I don’t know…I wasn’t counting.” In other words, too many damn times.

    Boy, did Leonard start something. It did not take long for people to take to Twitter to express their thoughts on the subject. Currently, the video has over 200,000 retweets, 444,000+ likes, and way too many opinions to count. #HurtBae has gone viral and I think the reason for that is because of how relatable it is.

    Sure, not everyone has been cheated on in a relationship, but I can bet most of us have experienced that feeling of getting hurt or being taken for granted or putting up with bullshit in the name of love. #HurtBae is just a friendly reminder that it can and does happen to all of us.

    Twitter has been feeling sorry for this girl, but it turns how #HurtBae ain’t hurt no more. Kourtney took to Twitter to let us know she is happy and on to the next one.



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