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    How Brooklyn Nets PG Ben Simmons Made an Impact on the City?

    Brooklyn Nets star PG Ben Simmons has recently partnered with RISE, reported Shawn Grant for The Source. Simmons teaming up with this organization will benefit the youth in surrounding neighborhoods, as well as, throughout New York. The organization is devoted to diminishing and eradicating racism through sport. It’s made to help benefit the underprivileged youth in Brooklyn by giving them the resources they would need to help communicate. 

    Many of these young African American and Latino children will soon experience some form of racism or prejudice throughout their lives if they haven’t already. This program is made to give them an opportunity to learn how to confront racism, discrimination, and inclusivity within their neighborhoods and just in life.

    This program is an eight-week program and is located at the Nets training center. The program began in late September, however, many are still learning about it. Many of the program members currently are from Good Shepherd Services.

    What Benefits can Ben Simmons and this Program Bring?

    Members of the program will be given an opportunity to collaborate in groups. Not to mention, create projects that emphasize and encourage their creativity. These projects will be centered around several social issues and injustices affecting their communities. The goal is to make these projects feel personal to them individually. Therefore, their passions will come to the light, and possibly they can have memories that will last a lifetime.

    Ben Simmons is excited about the work being done. The possibility it has to alter the future of the city for the better. Simmons believes the power of sport is something unique and very beneficial to communities. He thinks he can use sports to unite people, connect with youth, and drive positive change.

    “I’m excited to partner with RISE, we have the same belief that sport has the power to unite people from all different backgrounds and drive positive change,” said Simmons. “To be able to connect with youth in Brooklyn and create opportunities for future leaders in the community is important to me.”


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