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    Hot Shower or Cold? The Health Benefits Of Each

    I will fight you for my shower time. Give me twenty minutes of standing under the water, candles lit, music playing (or this music playing), and I’ll be happy – no matter how bad the day has been! But while I swear by hot showers, I’ve been informed by friends (in a fairly low-stakes argument) that cold showers are more beneficial. What gives? Who’s right?

        According to Healthline, cold showers have their place in your day. They can calm itchy skin, help you wake up, increase your circulation, and boost weight loss. According to one study, cold showers could even help improve depression. 

        So what about hot showers? For those of you who love it hot – don’t fear! They have their benefits as well. Hot showers can open your skin pores, lower your blood sugar, and – potentially! – burn calories. That sounds like a pretty good deal, too.  

        So hot shower or cold – take your pick. Both have their benefits! Now the only question is whether using a loofah or your hands gets you cleaner


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