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    Harry Styles “Spitgate”: The Return Of Chaotic Celebrity Moments

    I usually try to stay out of Caucasian folk’s business or just anyone’s business for that matter. But I can’t just ignore what’s happening in the white community right now. From the outside looking in, it feels as if they’re having an internal crisis. If you don’t know, apparently actor/singer Harry Styles spit on actor Chris Pine on national television. Now, this is all allegedly, and semi-exaggerated, but if it is true, somebody owes Styles a beating.

    Actin’ A Fool

    Between this and the Will Smith incident, it’s safe to say chaotic 2000s celebrity moments have made their return to pop culture. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw the video on my timeline. It was to a point where I repeatedly analyzed the clip like it was a sports highlight. Lucky, for me, social media added context with a short synopsis of what led up to the possible confrontation.

    So apparently, this beef was ignited during the filming of Don’t Worry Darling. According to sources, none of the actors got along on set and openly hated each other. Especially Harry Styles, who was disliked for multiple reasons. Rather, it was due to his acting, replacing the original lead, Shia LaBeouf, or dating the director of the film it felt like they couldn’t stand his guts.

    Habitual Line-Stepper

    Doing my research, I never knew how controversial a person Styles is. So knowing that the majority of the cast didn’t care for him, it isn’t bizarre for me to think that he would enact some type of revenge. Now as a wild accusation this is for Styles, sadly, all the facts point toward him being guilty. Just from the way, he bent down and you see his mouth move. To put the nail in the coffin, Chris Pine’s body language said 1000 words. He immediately stops clapping afterward and has a face of disgust. I have to say it was very sly by Styles to play it off the way he did.

    Of course, everyone is going to deny it and say it’s one big misunderstanding. Harry commented in a recent interview that it’s all fake news, but it sure looks different to me. I’m no spit analyst, but what do you think, is it something or nothing? Let us know below.


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