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    GloRilla Shares Instagram DM’s From Late Gangsta Boo

    Rapper GloRilla revealed some touching Instagram messages from the now deceased Gangsta Boo, who had given the Memphis rapper her praise before her terrible passing. Boo was referred to as the “Queen of Memphis” by GloRilla. Big Glo shared some of the messages shared between the two. She revealed that Gangsta Boo was one of the first people in the city to co-sign GloRilla.

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    GloRilla cited “I normally don’t post screenshots but the fact that she reached out to me before anybody else had a clue who I was she always supported me & the girls way back before we blew up A REAL LEGEND there will never be another Gangsta Boo.”

    The messages, dating as far back as 2021, show how supportive and encouraging Gangsta Boo truly was. Boo wrote “U smashing Glo. Fr. As a pioneer of Memphis female rap, I love to see this. No1 came since me and Chat. Go off Mane! Xo.” you can hear her authenticity as well as her accent as you read the heartfelt messages.

    Many artists including Snoop Dogg, Tay Keith, Drumma Boy, and Ty Dolla $ign have expressed their affection for Gangsta Boo in the comment area of GloRilla’s instagram post, sparking a flood of support and tributes. There are still comments coming in on Gangsta Boo’s Instagram, and the spark was reignited with GloRilla’s post.

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     “She blessed u R. I. P. Boo,” -Snoop Dogg.

    Before Gangsta Boo’s death, GroRilla and Latto were able to make a song with Boo titled “FTCU,” which sampled Three 6 Mafia’s “Tear Da Club Up.”

    A pioneer, a legend, a sweetheart

    No one thought they’d start the new year off with news of Gangsta Boo dead at the age of 43. With the discovery of her body on Sunday afternoon in her hometown of Memphis, Fox 13 revealed the sad headlines to the world. No official cause of death has been made public as of yet.

    In a recently aired interview with WREG Memphis, family members said the rapper’s death wasn’t the product of foul play, and Delmar Lawrence, a close friend of Boo, said she had a ton of plans for 2023. “She loved what she wanted to do, she had so many plans, so many dreams about what she wanted to do for 2023. I mean she told me about ’em 3 days ago,” Lawrence explained, adding that the early Memphis rapper had started to feel depressed just before she passed away.

    “She lost her father and that was a very big blow for her. She was a daddy’s girl and it was many nights I prayed with her and just talked her through her grief. So I’m glad to know she’s at peace.”

    What’s your favorite song, moment, or memory of Gangsta Boo? Long live the queen!

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