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    G Magic On Being an Up and Coming Hip-Hop Artist Out of Mississippi

    Up and coming rap artist out of the legendary Mississippi Delta is kicking up dust and shaking sh*t up. G Magic is native of The Delta where people are cut from a different cloth. G Magic’s lyrical gift offers melodic tunes that reveal his Mississippi struggle. Being from an area that is heavy with culture, it is a place where musical artists struggle to be heard. Unless you’re singing the down home blues, only a select few really want to know what you have to say. G Magic’s attendance at Mississippi Valley State in the late 2000s marked a time when music started becoming his priority. After listening to a few of his tracks; of course, HypeFresh made sure to get an interview with him.

    Meet G Magic.

    The question is, who is G Magic? The artist smiled and tugged his hat a little to dig deep for such a question. He explained that trying artists coming from the depths of Mississippi where it’s hard to make it as artist. However, he elaborated on that statement saying that in spite of, he is a very ambitious and dedicated artist who writes his own music. He bragged about his love for The Delta and the blues culture in the midst of its disparity of successful rap artists. The artists sternly stated that if one can make it in The Delta, one can make it anywhere in the world. The Delta is just that kind of place.

    G Magic on Networking and Being Seen

    G Magic further explained the struggle as a budding rap artist. He says that when an artist makes it big, he or she is usually represented by the co-signing of a major artist. Sometimes that can be hard to come by, when no one really knows who you are as an artist.

    ”It’s all about consistency, putting out videos, networking with a feature network,” G Magic shared.

    He is aware that his route as an independent artist depends on his consistency. Once he debuts more videos and songs to the public, he knows that getting a cosign will be much more attainable. HypeFresh asks if the artist wants to remain an independent artist, he responds that by venturing out, there is much more exposure. His ultimate goal is to be signed to a bigger label, so they can make you a bigger you.

    “No one can tell you your worth, But they can also guide you in the right direction.”

    His ultimate goal is to get signed. Being an independent artists is great; however, it takes a greater deal of effort to focus on music and marketing. It takes time. Magic’s connection in Atlanta, due to his son living there, is a great start to getting his career on the up and up.

    Making It Happen

    Magic shared a few producers that he’s currently working with such as TreSwaii and Memphis Track Boy. The artist goes on to say that there aren’t many producers in the Mississippi Delta area; however, TreSwaii is a native to the area.

    Future, Lil Wayne, Tupac and T.I greatly influence his musical endeavors, adding that above all, Easy E is at the top of the list.

    “When you want to give it to them raw and real, That’s what I took from Easy E and ran with it.”

    The artist aspires to work with Timbaland and Three Six Mafia. Speaking of all the sub-genres of rap, he introduces his own genre of rap. Pain rap, as he describes, details his hardships, allowing himself to be vulnerable while still keeping it gangster.

    HypeFresh is obliged to meet Mississippi rapper G Magic!

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