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Featured Image Credit: Peter Lomas from Pixabay


FUCK: Aliens Have Been Living On The Dark Side of The Moon

Conspiracy theorists get ready. An ancient alien city has been discovered on the dark side of the moon!

According to sources at Express, an ancient alien city has been found on the dark side of the moon. According to the news story, the city belonged to a civilization that outdates Earth! And thanks to our friends at NASA, we have proof!

NASA just uploaded images indicating “odd reflective structures” that since belonged to an ancient intelligent race. Aliens hunters have therefore postulated that a tragic event wiped out the race.

However, leading conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring has even stated that the city included a port!

He stated that the “objects seem to very reflective, but had ark black areas that have a lot of right angles and appear to be structured.”

He continued, “some of the objects were white reflective roofs or buildings that have openings that allow ships to come and go. Some of these structures are hanging halfway out which makes me think some tragic event happened that stopped then from exiting fully.”

But some have taken Waring’s findings to be exact. Some conspiracy theorists claim that the Moon is still being occupied by aliens. This could actually be. true if you wonder why NASA has yet to return since the Apollo mission in the 1970s.

Skeptics, however, are not convinced. Instead, they believe our minds are playing tricks on us through what they call pareidolia, the psychological phenomenon when the brain tricks the eyes into seeing familiar objects.

But, what do you all believe? Is NASA hiding alien proof from us? Or are our minds plagued by pareidolia? Please drop a comment below and for more culture and alien theories, keep it locked to!

Featured Image Credit: Peter Lomas from Pixabay

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