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    Free Agent Cam Newton Openly Receives The COVID-19 Vaccine

    This Sunday, Cam Newton published a video that has been the talk of the Internet for the past several hours. Newton announced he has been vaccinated and would like to still play in the NFL, per ESPN. Many believe this was an act of desperation as he has not seemed to be highly requested since the release of the 32-year-old quarterback earlier this season.

    Newton was released by the New England Patriots in the preseason after missing three practices because of breaking COVID-19 protocols. Yet, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick emphasized the release of Newton had nothing to do with his vaccination status.

    “Hell yeah I still want to play football,” said Newton in Sunday’s video. “I still get that urge to go out and perform and do something that I’ve been doing since I was seven years old.”

    Cam Newton’s Interests from around the League

    The former 2015 MVP added that while he’s been receiving offers from teams around the league, he won’t jump at just anything. The situation “has to be right.”

    Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll expressed interest but emphasized that the organization will speak to everybody that could help us until Russell Wilson returns.

    “Just so you know, we’ve already talked to him,” Carroll said. “We’re talking to everybody that could help us. To go right back to the base philosophy that we always uphold here. We’re going to be competing at every turn with whoever would be available. So we’re on it.”

    When asked how the discussions with the three-time pro bowler went, Carrol responded: “They were alright.”

    One may agree that this response from Carroll doesn’t seem to reassure either party that going forward business may take place. However, the fact still remains the Seahawks are without star quarterback Russell Wilson. Wilson was placed on injured reserve last week. He will miss at the minimum, at least two games. His replacement, Geno Smith, is still searching for his first win as a backup. The Seahawks continue to fall behind in that very tough NFC West division.

    Although Newton received the vaccine, he was still reluctant to take it due to the “potential side effects.” He emphasized that he still believes receiving the vaccine is “a personal choice”.


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