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    Frank Ocean Will Headline The Coachella Music Festival In 2023

    The world made an effort to return to normalcy with the reopening of businesses and local events. When it comes to the entertainment world, musicians are booking tours right and left. Additionally, they’re doing live performances nonstop. Since artists have returned to work, musical festivals are in full swing. In particular, R&B king Frank Ocean will headline the 2023 Coachella Music Festival.

                The R&B Artist Will Headline Coachella

    via Daily Mail

    It’s not everyday that someone gets to play as the opening act for Coachella. Already, so many great artists like Ariana Grande and Beyonce have opened up for the popular arts festival. Now R&B artist Frank Ocean will take the lead act. Paul Tollett, CEO of AEG subsidiary Goldenvoice, sat down with the Los Angeles Times to announce the exciting news.

    Tollett admitted to the publication that while in previous years he’d never disclose the names of performers in advance, this year is a little more unique. With the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19, Tollett thinks the fans deserve a little reassurance. Morevover, the Coachella Music Festival has been cancelled two years in a row due solely to the pandemic.

    Originally, Ocean was scheduled to headline for Coachella 2020 and again in 2022. Currently, Rage Against the Machine and Travis Scott will be the opening act for the music festival in April 2022. Despite the fact that Frank Ocean won’t be present, fans can look forward to his appearance in 2023.

                             Frank Ocean Owns R&B

    via Hypebeast

    When it comes to making great music, Frank Ocean is basically a genius. The R&B artist has received praise for “advancing the genre through his experimental recording process Additionally, he received critical recognition for his hit albums like Endless, Ultra, Channel Orange and Nostalgia. Not to mention, Ocean will be celebrating the fifth anniversary of his platinum-selling sophomore album Blonde. Fans will be more than excited to see Ocean headline the Coachella Musical Festival in 2023. Afterall, it’s been 16 years since the artist released any new music. Clearly, Frank Ocean is long overdue for a live performance.


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