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    Florida’s Seddy Hendrinx Taps In With Idol T-Pain On “Body 2 Body”

    Call me peculiar, but I think you can know a lot about a person based on their music taste. If you’re a Seddy Hendrinx fan, I already know that your music taste is fire. Believe me when I say that no rapper has smoother vocals than Seddy. Seddy has one of those voices that would sound perfect for a Tiny Desk Live Performance.

    Helluva Year

    I have to give him his flowers because 2022  felt like a great year for the Florida artist. Besides headlining a tour alongside OMB Peezy, he gave us a lot of quality music. His 2022 “DJ Drama Gangsta Grillz” mixtape Well Sed had to be one of the most refined projects last year. But before he closed the year off, he gifted listeners one last offering.

    He recently released a video for his single “Body 2 Body” and truthfully it’s stunning. The location scout for this video deserves a raise because they chose the perfect spot to complement this sensual track. The space has a very “high-fashion”/minimal feel to it. So Seddy’s vocals bring life into the room with his soulful voice.

    Prodigy & Successor

    The song also features a guest appearance from mid-2000 legend T-Pain. With them both being from Florida and having similar styles, it’s apparent that T-Pain played a part of Seddy’s melodic sound. But even though he was influenced, I’m not implying that he is imitating T-Pain. I’m more so trying to point out how great it is to see a protégé and successor collaborate on the same track, and it comes out fantastic.

    Be sure to check out the “Body 2 Body” music video.


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