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    Flash, 2-Part Season 7 Finale + Easter Eggs

    Flash, 2-Part Season 7 Finale + Easter Eggs

    The Flash’s 2-part season 7 finale is upon us and there is a lot to unpack. Let’s recap what happened and highlight the best moments and easter eggs of the final episodes, entitled, “Heart of the matter”.

    Heart of the Matter, Part 1

    Previously, on Heart of the Matter, Part 1. In the beginning, this episode is in the future, Central City 2049, to be exact.


    Easter Eggs: Palmer (Ray Palmer) Technologies, Ferris Air (Green Lantern)

    Nora is battling a Godspeed clone when she loses the upper hand. Bart zooms phasing through the clone defeating him until he recovers and heads to the Flash Museum. Why? Well, godspeed uses the cosmic treadmill to escape Barry’s super children.

    Easter Egg: When Nora and Bart first encounter Godspeed, it is in front of a building labeled Powers Technology.  Accordingly, Powers Technology is a company owned by Derek Powers, who eventually becomes the supervillain, Blight (Batman Beyond)

    Flash Family

    So, now we are back in present time Star Labs where Nora and a straggling Bart arrive to greet their father stating they are here to help him with the Clone that escaped their time. 

    Meanwhile, there is a plan in motion to stop the Godspeeds using the device Chester’s father was working on – the Solar Encryption Engine (SEE). Chester informs everyone that it isgood to go, he just needs Allegra to charge it.

    But, a grief-stricken Allegra is unable to change the SEE because of her cousin, Esperanza’s death that she feels responsible. Instead, Barry charges it which as it turns out is a big mistake.

    Easter Egg: New Nora, Barry enforces rules to maintain the timeline

    West-Allen Rule #1: Protect the Timeline at all costs

    Barry bonds with his children and finds out that this Nora isn’t their Nora (Other Nora). Also, it appears there are now time traveling rules in place that Barry enforces due to the last Nora messing with the timeline. Post Crisis, Barry Allen is in his children’s lives. But, it appears present Barry cannot follow his own advice because he tells them it’s now okay to break those rules because the Godspeed clones are charging themselves in the Speed Force. Thus, no way home to their time.

    Barry Allen Meme
    Easter Eggs for Flash 2-part season 7 finale. Credit: Internet Meme

    Easter Egg: Then, he invites them to join him in fighting the clones. But first, Flash Ring.

    Flash ring
    Easter Eggs for Flash 2-part season 7 finale. Screenshot via CW

    Easter Egg: Flash Family each with their own color lightning, fight the clones.

    FLASH, 2
    Easter Eggs for Flash 2-part season 7 finale. Flash Family fight the clones. Screencap via CW

    Godspeed is Bart’s Nemesis

    Easter Egg: But, Bart Allen is considered the adversary as Godspeed is his Arch Nemesis.

    All the clones divert their attention to him and target him directly and almost killed him. Luckily, they needed to recharge and retreated.

    Back at Star Labs, Bart explains to Barry that Godspeed is his Arch Nemesis because he killed Uncle Jay (Garrick). Barry decides he cannot let Bart fight again to protect him. Iris is back, fully healed from the Still Force and agrees they need to protect Bart.

    Jay Garrick is Back

    Post-Crisis, Jay Garrick and Joan reside in Keystone City on Earth Prime. Evidently, he gets his speed back and the Godspeed clones target him immediately.

    Flash 2-part Season 7 finale. Jay Garrick is Back! Screencap via CW

    Next, Barry and Nora use the SEE and it seems it works. But, since Barry supercharged the SEE, it gives the clones a chance to recharge and they each try to divert the clones. As luck would have it, Frost is able to save their butts.

    Impulse takes the Bait

    Angered, Bart is lured (using Jay Garrick) to Zauriel Cathedral, where he is tortured and his speed was being drained by Godspeed clones. By the end, Zauriel Cathedral is seen in August Heart’s mindscape as his personal sanctum. Out of nowhere, Vibe returns to save Bart and Barry.


    Easter Egg: In the DC comics, Zauriel, who debuted in JLA #6, is a former angel who became a superhero on Earth, becoming a member of the Justice League and Shadowpact.

    Heart of the Matter, Part 2

    Enter the Mind of August Heart

    In present time, the Godspeed clones’ civil war still continues throughout central city. But Team Flash has August Heart back in Star Labs. And, it appears he has no memory of who he is or what he’s done. So, they bring back an old device, MAD 2.0 (Remember what they used for Tom Felton’s character, Julian Albert when they were communicating with Savitar) to go inside August Heart’s mind to uncover anything they can use. 

    Barry inside his mind and discover his monstrous persona Godspeed, ironically god of speed who doesn’t have it. August Heart wants organic speed because in this version he relies on artificial speed which he has to siphon it from wherever he can. Barry, determined not to give him the speed he’s after, has to come up with a plan.

    Plan: Tire out the clones.

    Barry, Iris, and Garrick are trying to come up with a fast plan to swindle Heart. The speed Force decides they need to be at their best so she arrives to boost their speed. Iris, who has but a spark, gets full blown speedster abilities again. That boost wakes up Bart and he joins their plan. 

    Then, fans are treated to the dopest team up scene of the Flash, as they take down the flash clones. Barry reminds the team, “Remember, wear them down.” The results are sick, with each getting their own glorious moment to showcase speed powers with style points. Bart hits them with Speed throwing stars. Nora speed lassos them. Speed Force hits them with the snap. Garrick throws his boomerang hat at them.  The flash just throws speed and Iris creates a twister to blast them away.

    But, the Speed Force is present so that means the clones are supercharged. Instead, each of the speedsters are momentarily weakened as the clones come to. Apparently, no one thought about that prior to coming up with this plan. Even though, just earlier, that was a problem because Barry supercharged the SEE.

    Plan B? “We’re Gonna Give Heart, Organic Speedforce.”

    Um, they are gonna do what now? This doesn’t seem like a viable plan. Yet, Iris and Barry think it is the best way to protect their children from future pain. As they put it, “their future starts now.” So, how are they going to stop Godspeed while he has organic speed?

    Easter Egg: Eobard Thawne / Reverse Flash Returns

    Barry comes up with the bright idea to bring back his arch Nemesis, Thawne to fight Godspeed. Okay, that seems like an idea. Then, the three of them proceed to fight with Speed Force Lightsabers. Yes, Lightsabers. Does this make sense to anyone else? Fans could have enjoyed an epic speedster showdown but the powers that be decided to make them fight with speed lightsabers. Thawne takes down Godspeed and immediately turns on the Flash but Barry has a plan C for Contingency.

    Easter Egg: Eobard Thawne was incorporal after the Wells disappeared. But, thanks to the Speed Force, out of pure desperation to get rid of Godspeed, they give him existence in a body form.

    Easter Egg: Godspeed can’t siphon the Negative Speed Force.

    Easter Egg: Most Speedsters in an episode for a grand total of 8. ( The Flash, Iris West-Allen, XS, Impulse, Garrick/Flash, Speed Force, Godspeed, and Reverse Flash) Now, if you count Kramer’s Power Mimicry, she would be the 9th, as she did use speedster powers.

    Papa Joe West & Kristen Kramer Storyline

    Okay, let’s jump back. Elsewhere, the Godspeed clone war continued on the bridge. Then, a clone is about to attack Joe with the all too familiar scene of a vibrating phasing hand. And, all of a sudden, did Kramer just get speed powers? It appears so and It confused her too. Anyway, she malfunctions after that. So is it latent ability or something to do with the godspeeds?

    Flash Forward towards the end of the episode,  Kramer tells Joe, “My meta-human test came back positive.” Joe asks, “So, you are a speedster?” Well, not quite. It turns out, Kramer has the OP Meta-ability to mimic whatever power she needs at the time (sort of like Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat but not). She’ll probably come back to help team Flash in the future.

    Barry and Iris Renew their Vows

    Finally, fans will get to see Barry and Iris have their wedding in full glory. Fans were disappointed they didn’t get one due to Nazi’s and Oliver/Felicity highjacking their moment (crisis on Earth X).


    Barry decides they should renew their vows and suggests to Iris that they do it now. And this time, their kids will officially be part of it. Remember Nora crashing her parents’ almost wedding to get a glimpse of her parents tying the knot. This time, XS and Bart are by their side.

    Next, Cisco is back to officiant the wedding and he has a stoll that reads Star Labs. Also, their impulsive son decides to seranade the.

    Jordan Fisher Can Sing!

    Also, their impulsive son decides to seranade his parents. Jordan Fisher gets to showcase his singing talents through his character of Bart in this lovely moment.

    Fan Service: 2-part season 7 finale

    Last season was interrupted by Covid. As a result, they couldn’t finish it properly and had to piece together this season to tie it up. So, it is clear they put a lot of time in constructing this finale by thinking about what the fans of the show would want to see. They hit every note and gave the fans an episode that made them smile.

    • Bart Allen (+ Nora)  ✔
    • Barry & Iris Wedding (vow renewal) ✔
    • Cisco/Vibe ✔
    • Reverse Flash ✔
    • Godspeed / Check
    • Speedster Iris ✔
    • Jay Garrick ✔
    • Flash time kiss ✔

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