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    Favorite Oscar Moments moving into tonight’s Oscars.

    Some of our favorite Oscar Moments

    The Oscars always delivers talked about moments. Whether those moments are fashion, speeches, or who won or lost, we are never at a loss for things to discuss. This Oscars will be special only as all things are special within the last two years, during a pandemic. So let’s look at some of the best oscar moments across time.

    Oscar Moment #1: Leonardo DiCaprio’s reaction to winning his first Oscar

    “I wouldn’t know,” Leonardo DiCaprio jokes as they discuss his first oscar for The Revenant, in 2016. The esteemed actor  finally won  at the 88th Academy Awards. Leonardo DiCaprio has been nominated several times (6 at the time) but it was the running joke that he never won any.

    Using the moment for advacacy

    Leonardo uses his time to create awareness for climate change, “Making the Revenant was about man’s relationship to the naturally world. A world that collectively felt in 2015 as the hottest year in recorded history…Climate change is real. It is happening right now. It is the most urgent threat facing our entire species.”

    Leonardo continues, “We need to work collectively together, and stop procrastinating. We need to support leaders all around the world, who do not speak for the big corporations but who speak for all humanity, indigigeonous people, for the billions and billions of underpriveleged people who will be most effected by this…and for those people out there, whose voices that have been drowned out by the politics of greed…”

    Oscar Moment #2: Joe Peschi Speech for Good Fellas

    If you can call it that. His speech, “It’s my privelege, thank you.” It wil go down as one of the shortest if not the shortest acceptance speeches in the history of the Oscars. Either way, it was simple and heart-felt. I’m sure the powers that be were happy with his brief speech.

    Oscar Moment #3: JK Simmons pleads viewers to enjoy the time they have with loved ones. 

    JK Simmons wins best supporting actor  for ‘Whiplash’ in 2015. “Call your mom, everybody. I’m told there’s like a billion people or so,” JK Simmons pleaded with viewers, “If you are lucky enough to have a parent or two, alive on this planet, call them. Don’t text. Don’t email. Call them on the phone, tell them that you love them and thank them and listen to them for as long as they want to talk to you.”

    Oscar Moment #4: Announcing the Wrong Winner: La La Land vs. Moonlight Fiasco

    Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announcing the wrong winner for best picture. For several minutes, the world thought Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s fantastical musical “La La Land” won the award. That is until Jordan Horowitz, revealed a mistake was made. Actually, Moonlight won. It seemed like a joke but wasn’t and gave us the most cringe-worthy moment of the Oscars. They had to tell the cast of La La Land to leave the stage despite celebrations already taking place. Awkward.

    Here’s looking to tonight’s Oscars. We all hope to cry, laugh, celebrate and most importantly, avoid awkward moments. Or not, either way, we are here for all the Oscar worthy moments for 2021.

    Where to Watch: 

    Traditionally, you can turn your TV to the ABC channel. Nontraditionally, if you want to stream you may want to look into the following options. The ABC app or the ABC website with a valid cable or satellite TV subscription.  Subscribers of AT&T TV, FuboTV, Hulu + Live TV, and YouTube TV can also stream the Oscars live. If you do not have Hulu Live, you can watch on demand on Hulu Monday.


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