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Ex-Minister Accused of Stealing 800K from Houston Church

Ex-Minister accused of stealing 800K USD from Houston’s first Baptist Church in over a span of six years.

Jerrell G. Altic, 40, surrendered to authorities this morning according to Harris County District Attorney’s Office. He confessed to stealing the money but denied to comment on exactly how much was taken, and what it was spent on.

James Alston, Altic’s attorney claims that “He’s admitted fully to the offense….  And that “He’s working with the church, he’s trying to make amends for everything that he possibly can.”

Currently, Jerrell G. Altic is expected to make bail at $50,000K USD Alston states.

“He feels horrible for what has happened and the pain that it’s caused everyone at the church, and his family members and friends,” the attorney said. “He would want me to tell everyone that he’s sorry.”

Ex-minister accused of stealing money from churches? He should get the book thrown at him!

Source: Houston Chronicle

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