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    EPMD’s Erick Sermon Says His Mother’s Cancer Diagnosis Changed His Life

    In life, everyone is faced with a challenge. Unfortunately, no one can run away from their problems. Though, sometimes life’s greatest challenges are teachable moments. EPMD’s Erick Sermon certainly needed a life-altering, wake up call. After discovering his mother’s Cancer diagnosis, he decided now was the time to change his life for the better. 

    Erick Sermon’s Mother Diagnosed With Stage 4 Cancer

    Erick Sermon
    via Deezer

    It’s never easy caring for a sick family member. Though, the best thing we can do is support them. On Jan. 7th, the rapper took to social media to disclose his struggles with drug addiction to pills. Additionally, he shared that his mother’s stage 4 Cancer diagnosis encouraged him to get clean. 

    “2023 WOW. so blessed to have lived this long. Life isn’t guaranteed so don’t take it for granted. I’m fresh out of rehab, seven months clean from opioids. During this time, my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer liver, kidney, and chest. Changed my entire life around,” he said in a social media post. The rapper and his family have definitely been put through the ringer, but he’s remaining strong, especially for his mother.

    His Release From Rehab

    Erick Sermon has finally made the decision to change his life for the better. Saturday’s heartfelt post revealed that the rapper spent years battling his addiction to opioids. Fortunately, he sought help through a rehab center. Now Sermon has been clean for 7 months. The EPMD emcee has definitely turned his life around.


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