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    Edelman Hints at Tom Brady Returning to Patriots

    Edelman Claims Brady is Coming Back to NE

    Tom Brady and Julian Edelman recently attended a Syracuse University basketball game. The two were sitting courtside, and at some point, the camera turned to them. While on-camera, Edelman said, “He’s coming back” in reference to Tom Brady re-signing with the Patriots. 

    Surprisingly Brady did not seem all too amused by the comment. He just kind of shook his head and, after a few seconds, gave a quick response. It looked light he might have said, “He’s not”. But recent articles have come out pointing out that this was not the case. Instead, Brady was saying, “He’s (Boeheim)” got it”.

    Where Will Tom Brady End Up?

    Brady has been playing in the league for nearly two decades but is still able to put up decent numbers. The New England Patriots had a solid regular season of record of 12-4 in 2019, but this did not translate to post-season success.

    They somehow lost to the abysmal Miami Dolphins in their last game of the regular season. This put them in the NFL Wild Card Round. The lackluster play continued seeing them lose to the Titans in that round.

    Even though the New England Patriots struggled to perform later in the season, I still believe that Brady will resign with them. He has played his entire career there, so I see no reason why he would want to switch things up. It is highly likely that Brady would’ve appreciated more offensive weapons at his disposal last season, but his loyalty to New England should outshine this inconvenience.

    Final Thoughts

    It is almost funny how much people pay attention to minor things such as Brady’s former teammates commenting on where he’ll sign. But that just goes to show how great of a player Tom Brady was and still is. He has accomplished much throughout his career, so it will be interesting to see where he finishes it out. 

    What are your guy’s thoughts though?

    Do you expect Tom Brady to return and play with the New England Patriots? Or do you believe he will sign with another team? Either way, though, how do you expect this legend of a player to perform in his later years?

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