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    Earl Sweatshirt’s Deathworld Drops New Collection

    Earl Sweatshirt Does More than Just Rap

    It’s wild to think, but Earl Sweatshirt has been in the rap game for around a decade now. His creative talents are clear, and it would seem that music is not his only skill. Sweatshirt is not the only Odd Future alum to start his own clothing brand. Tyler the Creator also has a dope apparel company, Golf Wang. Many rappers create merch to sell, but Earl’s brand, Deathworld, is on a higher level compared to most.

    What Deathworld Offers

    Deathworld is a solid clothing brand that offers unique and fresh apparel. The brand has been around since 2017, doing small drops of clothing throughout the year. This past week Deathworld released six more clothing items to their website. This comes after an earlier drop this year in February.

    The latest release features a range of short sleeve and long-sleeved shirts. Prior drops have included a larger range of things such as shorts, collared shirts, sweatshirts, and more. Deathworld’s aesthetic features a mix of quality graphics as well as solid color coordination.

    Deathworld Earl Sweatshirt
    Clothes from Deathworld’s latest drop via their IG

    Final Thoughts

    I’ve always been a fan of the music that Earl Sweatshirt makes. Earl is able to offer a unique take on hip-hop that is much needed nowadays. It would seem that Sweatshirt has been able to use that same creative energy to produce some quality content with his brand Deathworld. It has been cool to see what Earl has done with Deathworld, and hopefully, he will keep up the great work.

    What do you guys have to say though?

    Are you a fan of the latest installment of Deathworld clothing? What do you think of the overall brand? And what are some other clothing brands out there like this that you enjoy?


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