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    E Bleu Links Up With Derez De’Shon For The Remix of “3AM”

    The new Houston sensation, E Bleu, refuels his latest single “3AM” with a remix, co-hosted by chart-topping recording artist Derez De’Shon. The single is a late-night cruise that showcases Bleu’s undeniable wordplay and charismatic demenor.

    E Bleu described the collaboration De’Shon as organic. Traveling to Atlanta to make the session happen, E Bleu says, “I’m big on things happening organically. It started with Derez genuinely liking the song and showing me love just off that. I stopped in ATL for a promo tour a few weeks back and the rest is history. We left the studio at like 8am lol. Bro is one of the most solid people in this music thing.”

    “3AM” is a preview of an expected project, coming sometime-2021. In the meantime, for more on E Bleu, follow the rising star on social media. Derez De’Shon appears, courtesy of 10K Projects. Stream the latest from E Bleu and Derez De’Shon below.

    The Remix of 3AM


    The 2EZ Recordings’ poster boy first hopped on the scene as a teen in a duo with Kevin Abstract, lead singer/songwriter of Brockhampton. In 2018, he released his breakout solo effort “Me Time,” which caught the attention of Motown Records’ Shawn Barron who took an interest in him and began to help develop his sound. The K3yboarrdKid-crafted cut later spawned a high-profile remix with Eric Bellinger & 24hrs, catapulting his career into overdrive.


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