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    Dwayne Johnson Makes His Rapping Debut

    It’s not everyday that an actor can suddenly turn into a rap star. Apparently, that’s not true for Jungle Cruise’s Dwayne Johnson. Recently, the famous wrestler turned actor just added rap star to his already extensive resume. The 49-year-old made his rapping debut on Tech N9ne’s “FaceOff” track and it’s giving us life. While the track is Dwayne Johnson’s first attempt at rapping professionally, fans are eager to see him drop more bars. Turns out the actor isn’t too shabby when it comes to rapping.

                Dwayne Johnson’s Rapping Debut Makes Him a Triple Threat

    rapping debut
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    As of recently, the Jungle Cruise star Dwayne Johnson became a triple-threat after he made his rapping debut on a Tech N9ne record. Recently, the HipHop group dropped their song “FaceOff” this past Friday, featuring the The Rock himself. Furthermore, Johnson dropped a few impressive bars on the song.

    “We stay hungry, we devour / Put in the work, put in the hours and take what’s ours.”

    Clearly, the actor put in some serious work at the studio booth when rapping his verse. In another verse, Johnson discusses representing his Hawaiian and African American heritage with Tech N9ne’s record label Strange Music Inc. “Black and Samoan in my veins, my culture bangin’ with Strange.” Yes, Dwayne Johnson’s rapping debut deserves to go down in the history books.

                The Actor Is Trying His Hand At Rap Music Again

    rapping debut
    via Hypebeast

    It seems like Dwayne Johnson might have a career in rapping. In talks with Variety, the actor revealed that he’s open to trying out the rapping scene in the future.

    “I would love to do a repeat with Tech N9ne and Strange Music. If I had the opportunity to collaborate with another artist out there — hip hop artists, blues artists, outlaw country artists — then let’s talk and let’s figure it out,” Johnson told Variety.

    However, he made it clear that he’ll agree to projects that allow him to discuss topics important to him. Johnson noted that he’d want to rap “the right words that feel authentic to me.” In other words, he’s more than willing to drop a few bars in the studio. Looks like his rapping debut might have jumpstarted a new career path for Johnson.


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