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Durant Ain’t F*cking With Bron In LA!

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Kevin Durant has been one of the most scrutinized athletes in the media since joining “The Golden State Warriors”. The 2017-2018 NBA Finals MVP has been the target of conversation for the NBA season with his contract with Golden State set to expire.

Despite Golden State being the dominant force in Golden State, there has been plenty of hostility aimed at Durant. Last month a fallout took place when miscommunication came over a possession which led to a game loss. Draymond Green and Kevin Durant verbal confrontation led to the news outlet amplifying the story.

It seems as though Kevin Durant provides plenty of offensive firepowers, however his ability to get along well with other can be questionable. Plenty of individuals in the sports world believe that Kevin Durant will end up leaving The Warriors and possibly play with current rival LeBron James. For years the two have continued to argue who is the better elite player, that conversation will continue throughout the course of time.

Durant decided to address the rumors and stories that he will be joining the Lakers come next season. He made it clear that the idea of playing with LeBron is something that will not happen. He went into further detail claiming that LeBron can be toxic because of all the attention he brings.

Do you think it was a shot at LeBron? Or does Durant speak the truth??

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Nick Young Returns to the NBA with a New Team

Nick Young
Sporting News

According to ESPN, the Denver Nuggets signed Nick Young today. 

However, there is no news yet on how much money Young will receive. Nick Young was last seen in the NBA on the Golden State Warriors last season. However, since then he has been a free agent, until now. The Nuggets will need all the players they can get, with all the injuries their current ones have.

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Houston Rockets Struggling To Replicate Last Season

Kenyatta Wright | Sports Journalist Twitter: @kennywright31 I Featured Image Credit: Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Philadelphia, PA — The Houston Rockets have not looked like themselves since losing Trevor Ariza and Patrick Beverly in the offseason. Beverly was a pillar for the defensive success when he was with the Rockets. His solid rugged defense, managed to  pressure and frustrates many opponents. Trevor Ariza was a solid contributor on offense providing 11-point per game.

He had the ability to provide a strong defensive presence on the wing when guarding elite players. Ariza has averaged 1.5 steals during his career thus far. The Rockets then added Carmelo Anthony; a player that has been one of the biggest names in the NBA.

The Rockets attempted to create a big 3 of Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, and James Harden. However the formula left Carmelo unable to find a suitable role on the team. Most recently Anthony was released from the Rockets, leaving the team trailing in the West. The Rockets numbers this season has been dreadful to say the least.

Currently the Houston Rockets are giving up 15 points per game in second chance points compared to 11 points last season, and they’re giving up 51 rebounds per game compared to 48 last season.

They’ve lost 6 of their last 8 games, including a 27-point thumping to the Utah Jazz, in a nationally televised game on TNT. In the Rockets 6 losses the Rockets are losing by an average 33 points per game. Based on the numbers, and based on the Rockets ridding the team of two of it’s best defenders and scorers, there shouldn’t be a surprise that the Rockets have struggled.

Most NBA spectators expect the Rockets to perform as they did last season, but a lot has changed. As if the Rockets recent struggles haven’t been enough for Rocket fans, 4 of the Rockets next 5 games are against teams that are currently in playoff contention: The Mavs, Lakers, Grizzlies, Jazz, and Blazers.

The Rockets are not able to replicate the success of last season.. At this point what can Houston do to turn around the situation??

Leave your comments below!!

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WBC Orders More Blood With Fury Vs Wilder Rematch

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Last Saturday we saw two gladiators go at it in the heavyweight division. Current WBC Heavyweight Titleholder Deontay Wilder faced off against Lineal Champion Tyson Fury.

From the opening bell, we saw a one-sided fight for the most part. Fury was having his way landing an assortment of jabs and flurries on the “Bronze Bomber“. For the most part, Wilder’s skillset has been questioned in the ranks of facing true competition.

In his previous fight against top contender Luis Ortiz, Wilder was desperate to score a TKO. Through several moments of being stunned Wilder came out on top showing he can take a punch.

With Wilder’s desire to fight heavyweight king Anthony Joshua, Fury stands in the way of the dream fight everyone is waiting for. Saturday night lived up to the hype with Wilder scoring two knockdown late in the fight against Tyson Fury.

In the end, Fury’s tactical boxing skills wasn’t enough to afford the win. Ultimately, the fight was ruled a split decision. Because of the controversial ending, the WBC governing body has ordered an immediate rematch.

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