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Stop Bitching


Stop Bitching…It’s Time Drake & Kanye Dead The Bullshit!!

Lately, the Canadian superstar has continued to make amends with those that have crossed him.

The Young Money cash cow has continued to live on the charts for the past six years. Regardless of who Drizzy has gone to war with, he always ends up on top. He has gone to war with the likes of Chris Brown, Meek Mill, Tyga, and Diddy. Most of those fallouts ended in 2018. Drake bought out Meek Mill and Chris Brown during his tour last year. Meek Mill even dropped a freestyle on flex to show that they reconciled. He also managed to patch up his relationship with Diddy as well.

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@futuretheprince a decade ago you were Dj’ing all ages parties…@ovo40 a decade ago you were scared to share your beats…@oliverelkhatib a decade ago you worked at a clothing store selling someone else’s product…@boi1da a decade ago you were in a basement with pink insulation walls figuring out fruity loops…@ovoniko a decade ago we were handing out flyers promoting club nights…@realbriamyles a decade ago you were working the makeup counter at Beverly Centre…@nebzilla a decade ago your moms house was my safe place and we really ran through the 6 everyday together…@bunb a decade ago you were a legend and you will remain that forever…@benballer a decade ago you promoted me as if you were getting a cut of my career…@treysongz a decade ago you were the first person to recognize potential and give me a co-sign…@omarion a decade ago you came to the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and laid a verse for an unknown artist from Canada…@darkiemade a decade ago you emailed me the cover art for something that would change my life forever….@kingjames a decade ago you came to my release party at 6 Degrees and made me the biggest artist in the city off your presence alone…@kanyewest a decade ago I rapped over your beat cause you just made the best shit and even though you stay wildin on twitter these days I will never forget what you contributed to the game and my career…Portia I don’t know your IG but a decade ago you told me to rap over June 27th and bonded me and Houston Texas forever…@jas.prince a decade ago you took a chance on MySpace and introduced me to Wayne…@liltunechi a decade ago you took me out of Toronto and gave me the biggest blessing anybody has ever given me…I will never forget anybody involved in this journey even if you don’t fit in this caption…So Far Gone streaming everywhere for the first time ever Thursday. 🙏🏽

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Early this morning Drake took to Instagram celebrating the decade anniversary of his project “So Far Gone”. Throughout the post, he acknowledges several famous people, including the social media ranting Kanye. Last Summer Kanye got tired of Drake’s subliminal shots and started spazzing out. The two neighbors have been at odds publically ever since.

“@kanyewest a decade ago I rapped over your beat cause you just made the best shit,” wrote Drake. “And even though you stay wildin on twitter these days I will never forget what you contributed to the game and my career.”

Things got so personal last year that Kanye’s wife got into the beef. That’s right Drake ain’t no bitch but, Kim Kardashian wasn’t having itShe stood up for her man and was looking to for the Aubrey to apologize for threatening Kanye. However, no apology came as Drake and half the glove is tired of Kanye’s Bullshit in 2019.

Is it about time for Drake and Kanye to stop bitching? Should they do an album together in 2019? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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